So if Trump wins- do you arm yourself?

The biggest threat to a person with a gun is another person with a gun. If push came to shove and gun toters started to panic and decided to eliminate all the threats to themselves, their families, and their property they’re going after those threats without knowing if they’re friend or foe and will ask questions later.
Why would I want to make myself a threat to these folks?
Hard pass.

I plan on it whether Trump wins or not. It isn’t like crime will vanish and society will become a utopia if the candidate I prefer wins. There are two violent crimes every minute in the US and who occupies the White House doesn’t change that significantly.

Yeah, it’s a real hellscape here in the Philly suburbs, for example. I may buy a couple of bazookas.

Since I don’t know your personal firearms experience or that of anyone else lurking the thread, I’d like to comment on this. If you are intending to buy a firearm, because of a Trump election or any other reason, a few words of advice. One, please, Please PLEASE take a certified firearm safety course first. Probably not needed in terms of basic operation for those who have a family or military history of firearm use, but still a good idea in terms of covering your obligations and local law at a minimum.

If you don’t have recent firearm experience, it’ll also give you a good going over of common firearm types, expectations, and some limited live-fire experience. Buying a gun first and then getting some training can leave you with more or less firearm than you want, so it works to try before you buy.

Lastly, for all that is holy, if you live in an urban area, especially if you live in an apartment, please consider Glaser or other non-penetrating (rather, reduced penetration) ammunition for the sake of all around you.

Excellent advice.

Why did you bother to post this? My point still stands regardless of whether or not it applies to you specifically or whether or not you personally desire to own a firearm. I never said anything about bazookas and it’s absurd to think crime never happens in the suburbs or you’d never be in a situation where your life is in danger. Many people have thought the same and ended up dead, injured, robbed or otherwise victimized because they were complacent and assumed nothing bad would ever happen to them in their neighborhood. No victim of a violent crime wakes up thinking it would happen to them that day.

It’s absurd, for me at least, to live in such fear of such a remote possibility that I’d purchase an item that statistically puts my family in greater peril than before I owned it. Your statistics, if used for every area in the nation, is only a bit better than using violent Gaza deaths as your guide for arming your residence in Qatar.

Seriously, are there two violent crimes every minute in your neck of the woods?

Good advice.

The reason that I own firearms has nothing to to with politics, fear of government, fear of crime, at all. You will be hard pressed to find a better made tool than a gun. With a little upkeep they will last longer than you do, and never go down in value.

I live in a hunting area. I have a Ruger bolt action rifle 7.62 x 39 with a 50mm scope on it, some would call it a sniper rifle. Wife has a Mossberg 30-06 with scope. I have a .22 Ruger target pistol for plinking and just fun shooting. My favorite is my new Ruger 57, 5.7 x 28mm, very fast small bullet, accurate for a pistol, as accurate as a small carbine rifle, holds 20 in the magazine.

None of these guns are for protection from my neighbors, I am pretty sure most of them are better armed than I am.

If you are freaking out about the probability of another Trump term, I would consider the likelyhood of his VP being elected for two Republican terms after Trump.

The statistic is for the US overall. I never said anything about it being true for every area. Obviously crime isn’t perfectly uniform in a country of 330 million people. It doesn’t change the fact that crime (violent or otherwise) is still an ever present part of our society you should have some concern about even if you’ve never personally experienced it (yet). You should still take precautions whether or not it includes owning a weapon. Or not. You’re certainly not obligated to.

Unfortunately, it’s not such a remote possibility for others depending on where they live and their personal circumstances. Most people don’t live in gated communities, suburbs or Mayberry. As for putting your family in greater peril part this isn’t the magic bullet argument some seem to think it is. It’s statistically impossible for it to be anything but. Even a single case of a gun injury/death in a home with a gun (of which there are tens of millions) means it’s statistically more likely to have a gun injury/death in a home with a gun than without because without there is 0% chance. It’s also less safe to own a kitchen knife (or anything else that could harm you) than to not because if you own one you can be harmed by one. If you don’t own one you can’t get harmed by one.

We still own any number of possibly dangerous things because the usefulness outweighs the risk or the stakes are too high to not have one if it’s ever needed. I can’t recall too many stories of someone being a victim or nearly being a victim of a violent crime and saying “Thank God I didn’t have a gun to protect myself.” Using the same logic the household gun in question would just need to reduce the risk of injury from an intruder/attacker more than it increases any risk to the occupants of the home. I think it does because if you add together the amount of annual gun injuries and deaths in the US regardless of cause or location (around 70,000) they’re still outnumbered by the amount of defensive gun uses even if you use low end estimates (100,000+).

I thought we weren’t turning this thread in to a gun control debate … for some reason.


There is an earlier mod note in this thread directing posters to leave off with the statistics debate. This will be the last mod note on the matter. This is not the thread to debate statistics. Warnings will issue if the statistics debate continues.

I missed that note—my bad.

Already did

You bought a gun?

I just want to say, my answer from upthread hasn’t changed - I have enough owned firearms, and enough ammunition for any local violence (and no such thing as enough for government endorsed/allowed violence), but dear god JD Vance as VP proves that MAGA hate is the only path Republicans are allowing going forward. Not to mention what Canon and the SCOTUS have done to the rule of law, and no one being above it.

And that’s leaving out the rhetoric I have heard in person and online from MAGAts following the attempt on Trump’s life, including by members of government who could and should know better, but see it as the time to go all-in on the incitement to violence.

So, let me slightly amend my earlier comments, I’m not arming myself more, but the part of me that thought about selling off a few of my non-emotionally invested (inherited guns from my FiL I never shoot, and don’t have stories associated with them) is just going to say no.

And the semi-paranoid part of me that said “You know, we could get some more ammo to … practice… with?” It’s gotten a LOT louder.

I’m really not clear who I am supposed to be arming myself against.

A tyrannical government? I don’t think that my taking up small arms against the might of the US army is going to do anything other than get my inexperienced couch potato self killed.

A bunch of fanatical proud boys, or MAGA brown shirts? There aren’t enough of them to target all liberals. I’m a white, CIS gendered, well off, heterosexual, so I’m pretty far down the target list. The only targetable thing about me might be that I work for the feds, but Cancer research is pretty bi-partisan, so far at least so I don’t think that would put me near the top of the list. If I was transgendered I might consider the need to defend myself. If I was an election official I would definitely consider it, but not so much me who I am now.

General civil society breakdown? Sorry but I’m enough of a pacifist that I’m not going to shoot someone to prevent them from getting my cans of soup.

So no gun buying for me.

Your call of course; but I’ll point out that if you’re already gaunt and hungry, rationing your last few cans of soup on a literal survival basis, with no idea what you’re going to eat when they’re gone, having them stolen goes from “annoyance” to “delayed death sentence”.

Seems really like “slightly less delayed death sentence”.

I’m aware of that it may be more than an inconvenience, but the line of reasoning that goes from “I am willing to kill someone to save the can of soup that I need to live a day longer”, is perilously close to “I am willing to kill someone to take the can of soup that I need to live a day longer”. If the survival game reaches that point, I don’t want to play anymore.

But this is really a whole 'nother debate beyond the current topic.