Someone gave me a Paso Fino today.

The husband has vetoed the name Dante, negative connotations. I’m open to suggestions. Our other horses are Lego and Jasmine, and the donkey is Jethro (all names they came with). The lady I got him from called him Rico, which I neither love nor hate, but it ends in an o sound and I’ve already got two o equines.

There is a first time for everything! I certainly wasn’t expecting this one. :slight_smile:

What’s negative about a great Italian poet?

He has a cousin with that name.

We are going to call him Cimmaron. Husband’s idea. I like it.

Cool! I have never seen this gait before, or heard of the breed. (I am not a horse person.)

When I opened the thread, I thought “paso fino” was some kind of slang expression or euphemism. Does it mean something etymologically like “fine pace”?

“Fine step,” apparently.

Oh,he is a handsome guy! Lucky you!

Happy trails to you all. :slight_smile: