Sometimes the Daily Show is a celebration of ignorance

That’s my fault. Sorry.

The jokes about Kerry have been pretty tame, from what I’ve seen: Kerry talks like a zombie. Kerry says bad things about other politicians using serious issues for political gain, when he himself is a politician using serious issues for political gain. Those aren’t really the sort of biting remarks that will convince someone not to vote for him.

Hmm, no, you’re not. I thought it was open and clear that the daily show writers and Jon Stewart had a very leftist slant. It’s really obvious - isn’t it?

It always bugs me when an otherwise-solid comedian makes a joke that is just so pig-ignorant that I can’t laugh at it, even though I fully understand and appreciate the comic premises the comedian is working from.

Case in point: Chris Rock has a bit that he trots out in some of his routines, TV interviews, and one of his films – it’s something of a recurring bit. It’s about insurance. It basically goes something like “I’m buying insurance in case shit happens. If shit doesn’t happen, shouldn’t I get my money back?”

For some reason, audiences eat this up. It always makes me want to throw things at the screen. NO, you freakin’ moron, you can’t get your money back because you’re pooling risk – you and a whole bunch of other people are paying a little bit of money in order to pay for those unfortunate folks who DO have shit happen to them.

And I totally get the joke – it actually plays on ignorance about how insurance works. Because insureds who don’t get hit with tragedies don’t see a tangible return on their investment, so at a gut level it’s easy to say “yeah, I should get that money back.” And sure enough, that’s the reaction the audience has – you hear a lot of “hell yeahs” out there.

And I love most of his other comedy bits. But that one just irks me.