Sorting pennies and nickels

This is excellent advice. I have been told that I need to bring my coins in rolled, and that I need to bring my coins in unrolled, at the same Wells Fargo branch, and once by two different people on the same day. Every bank is different, and there can be differences among individual branches.

As it turned out, originally my branch did not have a coin counter, and wanted coins rolled. The next time I came in, with rolled coins, they told me they needed them unrolled. The next time I came in, they wanted them rolled again. Turned out, they got a coin counter, had it for a while, and then got rid of it for some reason (although at teller training they were still telling the tellers that they had it). So make sure you know what your branch wants on the day you’re bringing them in.

Put all the pennies on their backs. The ones that don’t match are worth saving, but I am not promising high returns here…put them away for the next generation.