Southern Hemisphere Dopers and Christmas carols

I thought they sang the same songs as we do, just counterclockwise?

I think those words in White Christmas had a lot of significance for my mum. She was born in Nova Scotia and every Christmas she used to get terribly homesick.

Most of them make no sense here either, I don’t recall a white christmas here.

I’ve seen it referenced, but I’ve never heard it sung or played anywhere.

White Christmas never made any sense to me in WestMan - we had to incorporate snow boots into our Hallowe’en costumes. The idea that there could be no snow on the ground by Dec. 25th was completely alien.

It doesn’t snow in Ireland?

Aussie Jingle Bells
Aussie christmas medley
Aussie carols

They played it at me in Coles yesterday. Interestingly, it was a musakoid instrumental version, sans wobbleboard.

Very rarely, from what I understand. Despite Cork being at the same latitude as Saskatoon, the island is kept warm year-round by the Gulf Stream.