Speak to me only in Science Fiction

If they believe it is escape , who am I to say it is not?

Psychologists once locked an ape in a room, for which they had arranged only four ways of escaping. Then they spied on him to see which of the four he would find. The ape escaped a fifth way.

We need an escape route, but you have to be careful.

Take a brain and put it in a bottle. Better: take a map of the brain and put it in a map of a bottle – or of a body – and feed signals to it that mimic its neurological inputs. Read its outputs and route them to a model body in a model universe with a model of physical laws, closing the loop. René Descartes would understand. That’s the state of the passengers of the Field Circus in a nutshell.

Don’t waste your brain on those weirdos, Unity.

“Perhaps I’ll cure Frank and every other alcoholic if I can solve the mystery of Donovan’s Brain. I think it’s a matter of chemistry how the brain thinks. The problem is to find out what chemical combinations are responsible for success – failure – happiness – misery.”

“We owe our liberation to chemistry," he went on.

“ Was and will make me ill,
I take a gram and only am.”