Speed of Dark

Darkness has to be faster, 'cause it got there first:

Sorry. Couldn’t resist the Pratchian opportunity.

“Firtsly” I have to say I’m shocked that the hypothetical wall does not exist.
Secondly, are you saying that the spot could move infinitely fast? Does that mean you could transmit info in this manner that fast?

Well, you’d be suprised how many people do think there is some sort of barrier at the edge of the universe. If you think of a spot moving around in a circle at say 1 Hz, the speed of this spot is entirely dependent on the size of the circle and increases to an arbitarily large value when the radius of the circle is increased in a simlair fashion.

You cannot use this to tranmit info tho’ as points on this circle are not casually related to each other, they are casually related to the light source at the centre, so in order to broadcast information from one point to the other using the the light spot you would have to send the informaion via the light source.

Thanks. :slight_smile: