Spider Solitaire Addicts: What's Your Record?

Started playing in october. One suit 100% and its boring, high score 1190. My fav is intermediate level, two suites . ive played 550 games so far and won 517 , highest score is 1276 winning percentage is 94. Longest winning streak is 74. Payed advanced level twice and lost them both. Anybody having luck playing 4 suites?

Playing 4 suits my longest streak is 218, however that streak only ended because one time when I mean to undo a move I pressed the ‘new game’ buttons by mistake. I got the options to start new game, restart that game or go back and try again however I clicked on the ‘restart game’ option without even reading the third one, thinking it would take me back to where I was! Since then I have a streak of a further 47 with no failures in between so really the streak should be 265 by now if I had been a bit more careful with my options.
Win percentage is 53% - was 41 or 42% before I started this streak when I used to just play for high scores.

I’m a spider addict as well.
Can anyone beat this –

I’m up to 600 games on intermeadiate with a 100% win record so far.

If anyone can I would be interested in any particular tactics used, or maybe you
would like to hear mine.

There’s another thread somewhere where I described my basic strategy. I don’t use undo (except for a single use to undo am unintended move). But that’s because I’d spend hours on a single game and I don’t have time. As a result, my record is 3 wins in a row, which I may never hit again, it was just dumb luck that one time. Basically, I play a game, if I win, I play another. Just two wins in a row is pretty rare.

I am going to assume you mean single suit games. That is what I play, and my lowest number of moves in the last four years is 84. I have 143 games lower than 90 in the last four years. The “deal to screw you king” is when you know you have been making all the right moves. Breaking 100 moves is no big deal. I think every single suit game that can be won can be done in 100 moves or fewer. I almost always score below 100. As you have realized, there is nothing random about the deals. Knowing that makes you realize there must be a correct way to play. I follow a formula I never deviate from. Rule # 1 is of course never clear a column before the last deal. Next in importance is never to rearrange cards in a sequence once they are in place until you have to do it on the last deal in order to win. On the first deal I start with the highest card I can move, and if more than one then I choose the one in the longest column or the one farthest to the left, since the longest columns are on the left. Besides not clearing a column I try to keep cards in play by not moving to a column that has all of the cards uncovered if there is an alternative; otherwise I consider the move mandatory.

When I started playing, I first needed to figure out how the game worked. Once I “got it” I could see the LOWEST score was the object. Since I had spent so much time on FreeCell, I didn’t care if it had multiple suits or not, I just wanted the LOWEST SCORE.

So began my study. I have played thousands of games and have found you can win every one, if you set your mind to it. There is little difference if you back track…the score varies little, which you would THINK it would…

My AVERAGE lowest score is 86 moves. It’s really nice when the next ‘deal’ of cards throws them up on right where they need to be. That’s the ONLY difference that will lower the score, and you never know, till it happens.

I am going for 85 moves or lower and will post it, with proof, if I do.

That’s my take, hope it helps anyone trying to win.

My strategy is to turn on save on exit and restore on open. Play until you’re one move from winning. Exit.

Open. Disable save on exit :smiley:

I forgot to mention in my first comment, that you make every possible move, without removing the last card. If you remove all cards, you have to put another one there or you cannot proceed. That causes more moves, which is the LAST thing you ever want.

So, after you ‘deal’ you have a look at what all the possibilities are, then make the most efficient ones-and make every possible move before dealing again. If you aren’t careful, you will miss moves that could have saved ‘moves’ after you deal… so a lot of caution is in order.

Only if it just isn’t working…then you ‘dig holes’ by removing the last card. Very few games require this, but some do. But so far, I have always, and I do mean ALWAYS been able to finally finish the game.

There is not one game yet that I could not finish.

Too bad there isn’t a game number like freecell. We could put the number up and compare how many moves it takes, but Spider doesn’t have that, you just get a random deal each new game.

I like the idea of a ‘challenege’ but there doesn’t seem to be anything to compare anyone’s game against anyone elses, except just compare notes.

So, it looks like most Spider addicts use undo. Any other purists out there want to share their undo-less percentages?

My latest stats (since getting a new computer a few months ago): 140/341 games for a winning percentage of 41%. First time I’ve ever gotten that high (not counting winning the first game you play). Hoping I can go cold turkey and make it stick this time, but I’ll probably slide back…

I play spider solitaire, two suit and interested in winning streaks not so much in hig score which I have 1626. My goal is to go to 1000 so your quote caught my eye but confused as said you at 701 and then comment you didn’t think all games beatable…
701 is that games played or your winning streak?

Right now I’m just over a 500 game winning streak and curious if anyone out there has long streak as takes a lot of persistence to keep it going like couple games nearly 5000 moves, about 4 ard 3000, several abt 2000. Average game is around 130 to 160 moves. Of course unlimited undo’s. With 500+ games feel all games winnable.

What is your longest winning streak?

I’ve never won on the hardest difficulty, but I tend to play games like this and FreeCell on auto-pilot.

Is there one of these threads for the Pinball “Space Cadet” game that came with Windows XP? I once played a game of that which lasted around 5 hours. By the end I was completely sick of it, but I wanted to get a huge score for the high-scores list. I was so pissed when I found out that it apparently discards any score over 99,999,999. And I never completed the tier-2 “Secret” mission.

The tier-5 “Maelstrom” mission was fun as hell, though.

FYI. Played freecell forever and found game I could not win. Got info later that game was indeed impossible to win but suppose to be the only one.

Intermediate level. I am improving . Now my current streak is 823 games 97% , really close to 98%.

sounds like what I am doing also on intermediate. Was going for 1000 game winning streak and remain at 100% but after resetting because someone would ruin game and I have accidentally ended it by going to fast on the undo and hit new game. Gave up resetting and trjied to be more careful but tonight did it again. Hit new game by accident. Average had dropped down to 98% but this last streak got it up to 99% before screwing it up. Got to 538 straight games with a high score of 1626. Doubt if I’ll go at 1000 again. Frustrating as hell when you wipe a game off after that long a streak!!!

Be interested in tough games on how many moves it took to win…
Have a couple at ard 5000 moves, few more 3000, several 2000, rest sll over the place

Playing 4 suits I reached a win streak of 500 (I mentioned in an earlier post that when I reach 218 win streak I accidentally restarted a game when I intended to return and try again - I completed that game and then went on to a streak of 282 which made it 500 in a row even though my stats only show longest streak of 282)…Once I reached 500 I stopped caring and decided to go for highest scores for a while… Never had to use 5000 moves but did have a couple about 4500. Quite a few times during the streak I thought I may have found an impossible game but because I was determined to keep the streak going I wouldn’t give up and ultimately found a way to finish the game even though sometimes you needed to do a stupid move or two at the start of the game or deal new cards even when there were still obvious move which could be made so that things worked out later. can’t say there is definitely a always a way to solve it but having found solutions to 500 in a row it seems that it may well be designed to always have a solution.

When I started my streak my win percentage was way down about 12% because I was playing for high scores at first. Thanks to the streak it is now up at 65% but I have noticed that ever since I reached 65% I have had a run of about 10-15 games in a row where I needed 1000+ moves (usually because in each games there is one card, such as jacks or eights or whatever that don’t get dealt until very late in the game then they all come at the same time) - Up until I hit 65% such games were very rare but I have had that happen time after time since then.

Still playing 2 suits. Winning streak 1006 . My winning % is 98 now, I wish i tried harder when i started playing. I think now that 100% is possible. What do i need to do to get higher scores? right now its only 1277

Has anybody got to a no-go position: that is a position with less than or equal to 9 cards on table and still have cards on the pile?

My brother did, once. I think he was playing with one suit.

First, Spider Solitaire is different on Windows 7 from XP: you can undo right to the start of a game.

Second: I now believe that Spider Solitair 4 suits (Advanced) on Windows 7 is always solvable. In response to the comment above, that it is possible to make a deal that is not, agreed; but the deal is not necessarily random. My longest sequence of wins is 130 but others have reported (in a different thread) more. I now “cruise”–quit a game if I get tired of it or have to reboot. I maintain a “cruise” average of about 85%.

Last: there’s been a debate elsewhere about whether “undo” is better than “no undo” (nundo). That is, in my belief a personal choice; there’s skill in both. However, there’s no doubt that using undo requires a more extensive strategy than nundo. The reason is that an undo player develops–in order to end a game as quickly as possible–exactly the same initial strategy as the nundo player. However, the undo player then employs further strategies to detect where untried paths lie, including consideration of where the dealt cards will land. In a recent game, the hand dealt 5 jacks and a king on the last draw and it took me quite a while to figure out how to not get the immediate message that the game was over (no move could be made after that last draw).