Spoil the movie "Jude" for me

Needless to say, this thread will probably (hopefully) contain spoilers.

I’ve not read the book, and my plate’s a little full right now as far as reading material is concerned so I’m not likely to any time soon. I’d very much like to see the movie Jude because I love the actors and what little I know of the story sounds intriguing, but any further information I can get pretty much amounts to: it’s so terrifically sad that most folks who’ve watched it can’t bear to watch it again, and some have to turn it off before the ending. A lot of references made to “THAT PART”. :confused:

I’m pretty sure there are children who die, but that happens in many films and I can’t think that that’s the part being referred to…can someone please tell me what happens so I can decide if I can bear to see this or not?

I haven’t seen the movie either, but I suspect “That Part” is similar to what’s in the novel , Jude the Obscure:

Jude gets fired every time an employer finds out that he and Sue are unmarried and have children together. His child from his first marriage realizes that the children are the reason why their parents are having financial trouble, being ostracized, etc. So he kills the other children then hangs himself, leaving a note reading “Done because we are too menny.”

That Thomas Hardy. Always good for a chuckle. Sheesh.

I adore the book and re-read it at least once a year. And cry almost every time. This movie version was terrible, with egregious miscasting, poor scripting, and handwringing over-acting at every turn.

I don’t remember an explicit scene relating to the event that Ferrer Herder mentions, which surprises me. Even in such an abortion of a movie, you would expect such scenes to stick.

Presumably other Dopers will correct me, and tell me that such scenes are present and chide me for my lapse of memory.

And Kate Winslett, before she became a skinny bag of sticks, gets HELLA NAKED.

And, having a tremendous girl-crush on Miss Winslett, I can assure you that this has absolutely nothing to do with my reasons for wanting to see this film. :smiley:

Thanks for the info everyone…

Reading the Wiki for the film, I would have guessed that the scene wasn’t all that appealing.

“The film gained notoriety for a scene in which Kate Winslet’s character is shown giving birth in graphic detail.”