Spotting Star Trek actors in other programs

Diana Muldaur (“Dr Pulaski,” et al.) as “Judge Levin” in the Matlock episode “The Trial.”

I just watched Pixie with Miles O’Brien. (He says “hi.”)

Vincent Schiavelli, “The Peddler” in TNG’s “The Arsenal of Freedom,” as “Communist Agent Dmitri” in the TV movie Rescue from Gilligan’s Island (1978).

Warren “Rojan” Stevens as “George Burrows” in the Humphrey Bogart movie Deadline—USA (1952).

Peter Mark Richmond (again!) in the Hawaii Five-O episode “Along Came Joey.”

Joanne “Romulan Commander” Linville and William “Nilz Barris” Schallert as a quack doctor and her attorney in the Hawaii Five-O episode “Once Upon a Time.”

Bruce McGill (Capt. Braxton on VGR, and of course D-Day in Animal House) as the sheriff in My Cousin Vinny.

Joanne Linville and James (Flint) Daly were in the “Fugitive” episode “Running Scared”. Daly played the DA who convicted Kimble, Linville his wife.

A three-way at Perry Mason’s The Case of The Witless Witness (well, of people I recognize): Of the thread theme Lee Bergere, who played Abe Lincoln in Star Trek The Savage Curtain; but from other shows, Darrin’s boss David White of Bewitched; and Addam’s Family’s Jackie Coogan with a bit of hair and the face but not the voice of Uncle Fester. I wonder how many shows have multiple actors more known for other shows?

Also (if @carnivorousplant forgives me :slight_smile:) beetle-browed Robert Middleton (IMDb’s words, not mine).

Ben Gage, Akaar in Friday’s Child, TOS. “Akaar, stand ready!”? In Maverick, he played Marshall Mort Dooley in “Gun Shy”, a satire on Gun Smoke. He played a similair character in the Maverick episode, “A Tale of Three Cities”, a not terribly intelligent lawman who goes strickly by the book. He was also in the Maverick episodes, “The Misfortune Teller” and “A Techincal Error”. I’ve not seen the last two.

Elisha Cook, Jr (“lawyer Samuel T Cogley” in TOS’s “Court Martial”), as “murder victim Marty” in the Lawrence Tierney noir Born to Kill. (1947)