ST:TOS episode, “What are Little Girls Made Of?”

At the time we were very disappointed that Chapel stayed on the Enterprise instead of Andrea. But we didn’t know about Majel Barrett’s unique qualifications.

Yeah, sometimes I can be not too quick.

I think that’s a matter of knowledge, not of intelligence. The prohibition wasn’t logical to start with, so the extent of it can’t be derived just from logic.

Point of interest: Sherry Jackson turned 79 last week.

*wilt* link is to Pacman losing sound; What Exit?

Logic is a little tweeting bird chirping in a meadow. Logic is a wreath of pretty flowers which smell bad.

“Now listen to this carefully, Norman. I’m lying.”

Didn’t Gumby do that once? :laughing:


It’s par for the course, I suppose, to be commenting on the attractiveness of a TV character, but wishing for wardrobe malfunctions is a bit tackier than the tone we’re aiming for here.

And no, using the adjective “tacky” in connection with double-sided tape wasn’t an intentional pun, but I’ll leave it in anyway.

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It probably was considered somewhatdaring at the time to have a white woman and a black woman be close enough friends for that kind of friendly kiss to occur - but not as fainting couch-worthy as male and female characters kissing (as in Plato’s Stepchildren).

What? Banging the boss? Because it certainly wasn’t her acting.