Star Citizen is the Future of PC Gaming, and it's Free to Play this week

It’s official: Chris Roberts is delusional.

At this point, Roberts wants so much put in that the amount which gets left out in order for the game to actually work will be worse than Spore.

GameStar gives a roundabout look at why official release speculations have stopped (English translation via Google, bolding mine):

The dynamic economic system called “Quantum” is being gradually integrated into Star Citizen, like so many other elements of the game. According to current planning, you should see the first parts in 2021. However, [Chris Roberts] emphasizes that this is his personal goal and not a promise.

Because when you’ve spent $300 million and fans are still waiting for a working space combat game, what makes total sense is reinventing economics.

In fact, so gradually that it’s imperceptible. :roll_eyes:

It’s not even that anymore. As mentioned up in post #518, it’s now Second Life set in space.

That’s still what the fans are hoping for though. They aren’t going to get it. Or anything.