Star Citizen is the Future of PC Gaming, and it's Free to Play this week

There’s also this guy who sued & won earlier but likely has yet to receive the full amount.

Meanwhile, in the fraudulent No Man’s Sky…

I’m definitely curious to see what kinds of creatures can be bred and whether players will be able to select for desired traits through targeted breeding. I’m sure lots of folks will be trying for megafauna pets.

The top current comment on that article: “I like how they casually added Pokemon to their space exploration game.”,102213.html

(Translation to English from German via Google)

[I]mportant technical updates are pending with iCache and server meshing, which pave the way for the second star system Pyro.

This has been in development for a decade yet still only has one star system? Roberts should buy out Firefly Online and make that instead.

I wasted money on that. Not a lot, but still. That and wasting years waiting, including playing the iOS app daily in preparation for the real game. Oh well.