Star Wars—How did the Empire carry out formal executions?

True, but the image of a frozen Ewok hitting the cockpit window of the Millenium Falcon and then sliding off would justify two more movies. :smiley:

You don’t do the budget, Terry!

Digestion in the stomach of a Sarlacc over a thousand years?

Too slow.

Whatever it was, it wasn’t private.

Also, for large scale acts of Democide–

Bolding by me, which also answers the OP.

An episode of The Clone Wars depicted an about-to-take-place execution utilizing some sort of laser-based guillotine. That may have been specific to the particular planet, though.

Clone Wars is pre-Empire.

:smack: You are correct, sir.

In the first place, they would not “plow into a frozen corpse faster than the speed of light”, because technically they did not travel faster than the speed of light: they used “hyperspace”, which is some kind of distance-spanning drive that seems to be a realm of alternate physics where the shit in normal physical space is somehow irrelevant. And if they had tractor beams (such as the Death Star used to drag in the MF), they had to have force fields that could deal with all the random shit in space, because hitting a .17 BB at 0.1%C with a naked hull would be a very bad thing.

And anyway, I think all the fluids in a body would fairly rapidly boil off: our bodies are mostly liquid, so “frozen corpse” is kind of misleading. Bones, though, those could be troublesome.