Statue of Liberty in Planet of the Apes

Maybe during the monkey uprising the Ghostbusters tried to use it in battle (and of course failed) and that’s just where it wound up.

I just assumed it was only part of the statue. The top third broke off somehow and ended up there.

The supervillain governor New Yorkers elected in the 2600’s, (truly a great man), moved it to monument beach. We just don’t see the rest of the monuments, but they’re just around the bend.

As a modeler, I’ve recently been thinking about building the following scene: En excavation with Statue of Liberty arm protruding up. And a couple of Starfleet types with shuttlecraft.

(I already have a small TOS scene with Kirk touching a 2001 style monolith.)

I always assumed it was dismantled and dumped there in some sort of ape like scrap yard. Sort of like cars over the gate at a junkyard.

If you’re into sharing that, I’d love to see it.

The Groovy Gru?

Convenient that he landed in the US. Imagine if it had actually been Kazakhstan, he would never have recognised its main landmark.

This may also interest you:

Heck, make one of Galactus trying to fit a square peg (monolith) into a round hole (Guardian of Forever).

Just because I like telling this story… I grew up in northern NJ, about 25 miles west of NYC. I saw the SoL quite often and it always gave me the creeps. To the point where I would avert my eyes when in sight of it. It wasn’t until my 30s when I caught PoTA on cable one night that I realized it was because of that scene that I had seen as a young kid (born in 1967.) Not exactly sure how old I was when I saw it first, but younger than 10. It scarred me man… :frowning:

I love that story!

Is the scale (statue to Taylor) right for the real statue? It seems way too small.

That’s the first thing I thought when I looked at the picture. He looked way too big compared to the statue. So did the horse.

I’ve never seen the real Statue, but I think many people are surprised it isn’t as big as they imagined. Its true scale is hard to judge by the way it’s presented in movies.

I still don’t think the scale is right. The right arm is 42 feet long, and 12 people can fit in the torch. It looks like maybe four or five can fit in the torch in the statue from he movie. Id say the statue is slightly smaller than the real one.

Here’s a picture of people next to the head while it was being constructed. Here’s some people working on the arm. Here’s people working on the torch during the renovation.

I suppose the scale is pretty close to accurate. The cliffs may be throwing off the perspective.

I’m glad to hear someone else feels this way. I love the idea of her, and objectively I suppose she’s a niece piece (or art, your pervs :D) but I feel like if I ever saw it IRL it would be somewhat disturbing to me. Not sure if this goes back to the movie, but to this day I get a little uncomfortable watching that last scene and I hesitated to click on the link to the picture. Don’t get me started on the picture of the woman standing next to the head.

To me the biggest mystery about the movie since childhood is that he’s walking around an Earthlike planet where he can breathe the air/drink the water/eat the food with no problems and the apes both speak and write English, but he’s surprised to discover it’s Earth.