Steam Deck - the portable gaming computer from Valve. Any interest?

I’m seeing you can open it up and replace almost all of the hardware, should one so desire. Of course with the new OLED models, buying the cheapest one and self-upgrading the SSD is not the deal it once was with the 64GB model, but I still like that you have that option. Tempting.

Skill Up Gaming did a great video about the OLED. It’s long, but the tldr is what it says on the tin: the OLED is better than the basic model in more ways than just the screen.

I bought one a couple months back and really like it, though I have a lot of trouble jumping from regular controls to Steam Deck controls, so games kind of have to be “playing on PC” or “playing on handheld” for me.

That’s a hurdle to buying one for me. Some games I play only with a controller, others I play only with KB+M, and the ones I play with a controller are not necessarily the ones I would want to have in a portable.

Can a steam deck be treated like a console? Is there an HDMI out to let you send the signal to a television and a USB-C input to let you plug in a proper controller? Those would seem like simple options to include.

You have to buy a dock to put it on your TV, but they are not expensive. The Nintendo Switch comes witih its dock; the Steam Deck does not as I understand it.

But yes, it works on TV.

Yes, a third party dock is like $20-30 and then it works like a console. That’s mostly how I use mine.

Do you just blu-tooth the controller to it to play from the couch? That is how I play my switch.

It does not come with detachable controllers, right?

Is it still limited to 800p on the big TV?


No. I use a Switch Pro and a PS5 controller…

I don’t think so but I haven’t really messed with resolution.