Stephen Miller and cosmopolitan bias

Is that what you and Okra want? A place less safe than the “dodging bullets interfered with my english class” place?

And yet I’m still here.

You, on the other hand, are one of the biggest libtards on this board, like Elvis and Bob Lib Dum.

Just had to force in a Clinton reference that makes no sense.

Uh, no; I want us to be well enough off that we can afford to throw some bennies to other folks, because that’d be real nice. But I figure we’re kinda full up with our own problems right now, so that’s gonna haveta wait; figure if we throw the doors open to everyone trying to flee some shithole, then pretty soon we’re just another shithole, and figure now’d be a real good time to stave off that “pretty soon”.

I’m sorry (not really) that your reading comprehension is so poor.

If nothing else the responses to this thread were predictable.

It’s just a coincidence that this guy, Richard Spencer’s college buddy, just happened to use a word that means one thing to white nationalists/nativists and reminds everyone else of a fashion magazine. It’s a coincidence, not a dog whistle. It’s a totally common expression in flyover country.

That’s your story?

Editing to add a quote from the linked article.

In February, he appeared on Face The Nation, during which he had this exchange with John Dickerson. The interesting bit is in Miller’s last sentence, but I’m including the earlier back and forth for context. (Bolding added by me.) His language is kind of scary.

It just seems like you just had to shoehorn in a reference to Clinton. Just like the shitgibbon you worship.

Why would you say that? I only worship God, not politicians.

Someone already mentioned it, but I’ll reiterate in light of this post that Stephen Miller is Jewish.

Weird that he’s such a Nazi, then.

Bullshit. Someone who truly worships God wouldn’t be the cold sociopath that you are.

because your statement caught me off guard. I, truly, have never heard that said before, and I’m not sure I exactly understand it.


Whether or not it’s their stated purpose, the dollars of foreign aid the US sends to other countries are expected to improve the conditions of those countries; improved conditions means people want to stay there.

Is it right that the US throws money at perceived problems? That’s a whole other, longer thread I’m sure. But every US taxpayer’s dollar has our collective face on it and the world sees it more clearly than we sometimes do back here in the US.

I didn’t say it was based on reality. But Trump’s base likes to be told it’s better than all those East Coast/West Coast city people. Sure, they might have fancy college degrees but you guys have common sense. You know how things work in the real world not like those ivory tower eggheads. So just keep supporting Mr Trump and don’t go listening to all that fake news coming out of the media. Mr Trump’s gonna make America great again, just like it used to be. Etc etc etc.

Even Bernie Sanders thinks open borders is nuts.

People who worship God wouldn’t say that people only should care about themselves. It’s literally the opposite of what God teaches, both in the Old Testament and the New.

You’re as much a Christian as Trump if you actually believe what you spout here. And, if not, you really need to read what God thinks about liars.

No, it’s not. It’s a phrase that has been used extensively about East Coast big city people, especially New Yorkers. It describes the mentality that there’s New York and then there’s the rest of the world.

My read on it is that Miller expanded it in Acosta’s case to point out that Acosta has a myopic viewpoint of the world. Acosta’s statement was assholeism of the purest kind, including his absolute rudeness in interrupting Miller and not letting him finish his answers. Acosta basically stood up, spouted ignorant bullshit, and got soundly - and deservedly - slapped down for it.

Did you mean to post this in the Bernie Sanders thread or some other thread? This one is about that dead-eyed piece of shit Stephen Miller and how shitty it is he and othersare winking at white nationalists from the White House press podium.

Except, of course, that no such thing happened. But hey, why let facts and reality get in the way of a good old-fashioned rant?