Stonewall risks all it has fought for in accusing those who disagree with it of hate speech

That puts you way ahead of Stonewall et al, as they don’t think there is any room for debate at all.

? “Never had a revolution”? And it’s not as though the history of the British monarchy has been merely a long series of peaceful compromises, as the ghost of Charles I would attest.

However, that’s a side issue. The more relevant matter that I’m puzzled about is this:

This thread appears to have gone on for over a hundred posts so far without anyone producing a “hard cite” of an actual specific instance of what they think Stonewall is doing wrong. Can’t anyone link to a specific statement by Stonewall in a position paper, or an op-ed, or a court case, or something, that you consider a concrete example of their vaguely alleged “self-righteous, dismissive, uncompromising attitude” on this issue?

'Cuz I don’t see why we should bother arguing if we don’t have any definite evidence of what it is we’re arguing about.