Strange e-mails. Any info is appreciated.

Camp Ronald McDonald, eh? Those clowns will do anything for attention! :slight_smile:

Hey, I was fed up with the spam, esp viruses I kept getting so I got a new email address with Free. Because as they say “To block future spam click Report Spammer. All email currently double-scanned for more than 60,300 viruses by McAfee and F-Protect antivirus.”

Whew. BTW, if you ever change the Email you have on the board you have to reactivate your
account here by getting the email the board sends to the new email addy. (Thanks Tuba)

Thanks Handy. I’m going to try out activatormail. My spam seems to be increasing every day, plus all the emails I get returned or sent to me in error because of Klez. I get 50-60 emails a day besides the “real” ones.