Strange things are afoot at Pepper's house...

Ange - I told you last night to change it back!

Pepper - has anyone new been in the house? A sitter? Friends of yours, the BF, your parents, your lil sister?

The only way to bust her is to plant money there, then keep track of who goes in the room.

My 2 cents: an 11 year old girl needs alot more supervision than this one is geting. When I was 11, I still wasnt allowed out of my yard, let alone the mall, or anywhere else without an adult. Just hoping it is only ice cream she is inhaling.

I’m the sitter, 16yo has no friends, 11yo isn’t allowed to bring her friends in the house (Because she never cleans her room) BF has no friends. (We all sound like a bunch of losers huh? But no, they choose to live this way)

She doesn’t leave the yard, or go the mall. She stops every ice cream truck that comes by though.

Boy is DB gonna be pissed!

I used to be a lying, theifing little shit when I was a kid. I was extremely smooth, and did it for several reasons (that I did not understand then)

I was already branded the “bad” kid. I had nothing to lose by doing it.

I felt like I was “getting back” at the people I felt persecuted by.

I felt superior to them by not getting caught.

I enjoyed the attention, even though it was so negative.

Now, I suspect the 11 year old because of her likely lack of perspective. She probobly doesn’t REALLY understand that that amount of money would be missed so quickly. In my mind, as a kid- I didn’t realize that money was budgeted, etc. $5 seemed like $25 to me. I didn’t think anyone would miss $25 any more then they would miss $5, see what I mean?

So, what to do? First, if she’s 11 and has problems stealing from people, she needs some help. If she’s already branded a troublemaker or theif (even by her own actions), she needs to start moving in a positive life direction. A school counseler can recommend someone. Also, try dropping the “constant suspect” treatment. If she is treated like a theif (even if she’s stolen in the past), she’ll likely never stop. Treat her like an honest person, compliment her on her integtity. This is especially important for the parents. Give her some set up opportunities to be honest, maybe? (just a thought)

Second, stop labeling her a theif and a liar. Try to understand what she’s REALLY trying for. Attention is my guess. What fun to watch people scurry around, accusing each other, trying to find “proof” of her stealing.

Third- (this is for the parents)- stop ignoring the obvious. If an 11 year old is stealing this much money, it’s probobly not for CDs and such. She could be on a bad path. Start exercising some parental control and find out what she’s up to.

These are my suggestions. If it makes you feel any better, I grew out of it and have not stolen ANYTHING since I was very young. The bottom line in my case was this: I didn’t need the money, but I really needed the attention.


If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s probably a duck.
So I say, it was the duck. What?? It’s possible.

So, Satan and Poopah chaloopah had a lovechild 11 years ago that Pepperlandgirl now calls sister?

sounds like a jackie Collins novel. all we need now are shoulderpads.

All I can say is that the answer pepperlandgirl gave to my questions has shot my master theory all to hell. I think I will hang up my Sherlock Holmes hat and go back to needlepoint. :frowning:

As far as stealing, if it is accompanied by placing strange objects on the refrigerator, it definitely sounds like a plea for attention. However I have little experience with children and can’t think of any constructive advice. Sorry.