Strip Club Franchises

The one time I went to the 56th St Hooters in NYC (~2002) the talent was 100% local. I’m not sure how long the location had been open but the furnishings looked well-used.
Any time a chain operation moves into a new territory they import a few workers from existing locations to get the place started up right. You can’t get the consistent results you want from day 1 with 100% newbies on the floor and in management. After a couple months the locals have been inculcated with the corporate flavor & the trainers can move on or return home.

With costs & transportation being what they are in NYC I can sure see HQ choosing to rent a group apartment nearby versus putting people up in an extended stay hotel out in Nassau county.

I seriously doubt they thought there was such a shortage of busty 20 year-olds in NYC that they couldn’t muster a crew.

I read a news story once about the idea of getting girls from some distant part of the U.S. to work in New York City in a rather shady profession. It was about a guy who worked as a pimp (or a supplier to pimps) in New York City. He would frequently travel through smaller cities in the west and midwest of the U.S., looking in clubs and bars there for pretty girls who desperately wanted to get out of their town. They didn’t know anyone outside their small city, and they weren’t too picky about what they did, just so they got far away from home. He would find some pretty girl in a club in Montana who wanted to leave home and who wasn’t too adverse to the idea of prostitution. He would supply her with an apartment in New York City and set her up as a call girl, either with himself as her pimp or with someone else as a pimp who paid him a finder’s fee.

If you tip the girl enough, she’ll show you her face?

The period of time I am referring to was early in the days of NYC Hooters but well beyond the start-up stage. If you went there only once, how can you be sure that the waitresses were all local?

There are better and more lucrative ways for a young attractive (and possibly busty) woman to make good money in NYC than to work at Hooters. And I’m not talking about the sex trade or anything illegal.

That’s what I was going for, but figured someone familiar with the worldly ways of Saudi Arabia would pop in and tell me my preconceived notions were outdated.