Structurally Sound Giant Erector Set

I had no problem finding the 80/20 product page, but it looks like there’s dozens of types of bars and several hundred connectors, which (with the site not giving 3D views of the items) makes it rather hard to figure out what would work in what way.

80/20 sounds pretty good, but like I said, I’d like to be able to use it fairly free form. I’ll be using this to make random props for stage work and exercise equipment at home. So I could be making anything from impromptu bleachers, to a pull up bar, to box shapes for standing on, to ladders, etc. So my hope would be to buy some 2’, 4’, 6’, and 8’ segments and either some sort of universal connector or 2-3 connector styles in bulk. It’s not clear which size of bar would be strong enough for most purposes (e.g., supporting 200 pounds in the middle of a 8’ bar supported at either end) and what connectors of the many shown are generic enough to be used for almost any purpose?

If someone knows the product better, I would appreciate it if you could link to a few product pages?

I considered angle iron, but I would be worried about it scratching floors and I don’t think I could make something like a pull-up bar with it.

You can get or make end caps to protect the floor. You can get fittings to attach a pull up bar. But you better be really careful if you want to suspend 200 lbs in the middle of an 8 foot bar. A strong enough bar is not that hard to get, but you will need a very strong framework to hold it up at either end, and it needs to be secured to the floor or have a very heavy base.

80/20 is also known as Pareto Framing :slight_smile:

80/20 rocks. they use it for darn near everything at work (we remodel a LOT). We’ve built desks, shelving racks, utility carts, railings, etc. out of the stuff.

I think the easiest would be one of the folding ladders. They become ladders, duh, scaffolds, sawhorse supports, etc… No assembly required and already portable.

Multiple pictures at