Stupid goddamn southern Republicans

This is being played by many in the state as evidence that Strom is so far gone mentally that he actually thought he would be able to pick his successor. Also, his wife has been getting a lot of bad press, as someone who has had a drinking problem, and who is now overreaching her power a bit–it has been reported that she has attempted to use Strom’s letterhead/signature to get a Bush-administration appointment for her “social companion.” So she is certainly not being viewed in the best light right now.

Many people in the state, including a lot of Democrats, don’t think that Hodges can be re-elected no matter what he does or doesn’t do.

'Course not - this is partisan politics either way. But replacing one version of it with another is not an improvement, either. All that does is discredit politics entirely.

See, Now republicans wanna talk about the will of the people. Not the letter of the law
nothing makes me sicker than poltics

So… anyone know when the old warrior will no longer be able to drag his carcass to the Senate chamber?

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