Stupid Gun news of the day

I notice that you used the qualifiers “several times” and “in the head” there. In my wife’s and my experience with three sons, a single shot to a non-lethal location is really all you should need for discipline.

I guess there is always their “little head”. Might crimp my hopes for grandchildren, though. Dang it, it’s always something.

Montana gym members, manager in membership disagreement shoot it out in the parking lot. One dead, two wounded.

According to Fuel Fitness and Nutrition assistant manager Matt Underhill, he and the manager confronted a man in the gym’s parking lot who had been living at the gym for several weeks. They refunded the man’s unused gym membership and told him he needed to leave. The man demanded more money from the gym, and when told they could not offer him more, he responded that they were going to die and pulled out a gun.