Stupid Gun news of the day

Yeah, there’s just no getting around that video. Kids, that man is a professional. Please don’t try to
use rifles as sex toys at home.

You might be right about that; I was just trying to emphasize the 300 yards part and that Fort Lee has an extensive number of multi-million dollar high-rise condo buildings, all built in a line to try to showcase/ capitalize on the view of the NY skyline along the Hudson from the NJ side.
Anyway, I’ve never liked AR/AKs. I won’t waste breath defending them.

I’m not happy about once again a gun is used to … whatever*… at a school but I’m hoping someone can parse this quote for me from Foxnews:

"Arlington Police Department Assistant Chief Kevin Kolbye said weapons were found during a search of the Simpkins family home, including the one believed to have been used in Wednesday’s shooting. He said a weapon found on the street in Grand Prairie, Texas has been linked to the suspected handgun. "

*seek justice, be the big guy, or be a hero but not in this case

Here, from NBC:

A .45 caliber handgun was found in the streets of nearby Grand Prairie that police believe could be the gun used in the shooting.

That’s why I am confused. Was the one used in the shooting found in the house or in the streets?

And what does this mean: “a weapon found on the street” what could it be to be linked to the gun?

Seriously, other than a holster… which wouldn’t be a weapon… what was found on the street?

Or what did they find in the house?

Are they saying the kid used 2 guns or what?

Seems to me that they’re saying he may have used a gun found in the house or the gun found in Grand Prairie and don’t yet know for sure. Or maybe Fox mangled the statement and the gun found in Grand Prairie was the gun used.

This short video requires no commentary:

find it on r/BetterEveryLoop?

Lots of brains there.


More evidence we need to get tough on juveniles committing murder: a two year old toddler fatally shot his mother Shamaya Lynn, but he wasn’t charged with anything:

Two inches lower and there would have been lots of brains everywhere.

Blood, sure. Brains, I’m not so sure.