Stupid Gun news of the day

Damn…that is a juicy story of Good Guys with Guns! Florida O.K. Corral! It also deserves to be posted in the positive gun news thread. :wink:

Kind of sad, that after the prior incident apparently he did not get the needed sort of anger management attention.

I guess he never imagined a Prius driver would Stand His Ground? Ah, Florida!

This is the kind of story that gives me pause. On the one hand, if I had been the Prius driver and if his account of events is accurate, I sure as hell would have done the same thing. That gives the pro-gun guys ammunition (no pun intended) for support of gun ownership as a defense. On the other hand, if neither of these guys had had guns, there would probably be no deaths (although ramming the driver’s side of a car is assault with a deadly weapon) and police presumably would have taken control on arrival.

It does destroy the notion that “an armed society is a polite society.” How many such shootouts will have to occur before the hot heads are weeded out?

IIRC, the US has something like 390,000,000 firearms in private ownership. I think we can safely say that myth is busted.

Not until we pass a law that requires all adults to actually carry a firearm. Then we will finally see a polite society.

The thing is, that myth is just a subset of a more fundamental toxic worldview, which is that you should be ready to back up your words and gestures with force or else STFU and get out of the way of your betters. The “armed society” corollary is the presumption that arms-bearing eliminates bodily strength advantage so now even the big guy should worry the little guy can kill him where he stands.

Problem with that vision is that people who resort to gratuituous violence generally are not thinking about what could go wrong or what could be the consequences. Armed Asshole 1 is not thinking about what if Random Citizen 2 may be able to return fire, he’s thinking, just like your general Unarmed Asshole, “all I have to do is puff myself up to be more intimidating and the other guy will submit to my will”.

“And if that fails, then all adults should carry two firearms. We just have to have the courage to persevere”

Thoughts and Prayers,
Wayne LaPierre
CEO and Executive Vice President
National Rifle Association


The only thing that will protect you from a Bad Guy With A Gun is a Worse Guy With A Gun.

I assume this is sarcasm, but I once again refer to the town of Shinbone and the documentary about it entitled “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”. People were very polite to old Liberty, although he did not always return the favor.

In the You Can’t Make This Shit Up Category: An inside job robbery at Burger King, helped out by one of the kid’s dad with a gun. A “good guy” with a gun kills one of the kids while aiming at the dad. “Good Guy” is a felon, who shouldn’t have a gun. He cleans up the crime scene and gives the manager the gun to hide in his safe, who of course does so. Felon flees. Dad arrested. Daughter arrested. Kid dead.

Full story here.

Clearly, there should have been a “better guy with a gun”, who would have sensed that the “good guy with a gun” should not have had the gun, and the “better guy” could have shot the gun out of the “good guy”'s hand.

More guns were needed here, clearly.

Like this?

Looking at all the three-teeth people with dead snake-eyes at certain rallies, I think all
we ever got was a “bitter guy with a gun”.

A woman told a school board that if they implement a mask mandate at her kids’ school, she would show up with every gun she owns.

IIRC, Virginia passed red flag laws.

Time to relieve this model citizen and apotheosis of cool restraint of any and all firearms she actually may possess.

And the police got involved, at which point she apologized because of course, she did not really mean it:


(Karen) was released on $5,000 bond.