stupid newbie question

what is the definition of “troll” as it is used on this MB?

Not here, buster! we can see you coming! Get lost!

Sometimes, one has only to ask a question to get the answer to come to you…

It was an honest question. Isn’t your name the same as a moderator’s name? isn’t that a no-no

That’s precisely what I meant. mblackwell, I’m afraid your thread has been the victim of a drive-by trolling.

Thanx Neuro, I get it.

Scroll up,

Click on “search” - search for “Troll” - read.

Sorry, but the little pecker heads are too thick to waste more time answering (generously assuming you aren’t a f’ing sock puppet).

Of all the names to steal, he steals mine?

What a :wally

Hey I want to know answer to this question to, so shoot me.

mblackwell, Nanno, there are no stupid newbie questions, just stupid newbies.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I didn’t mean it, but you just left the thread title hanging there with its soft white underbelly exposed! What’s a wiseass to do?

dropzone AM NOT STUPID