Stupid Republican idea of the day

He said “religion”, but only mentioned Muslim. If that were really to happen, I’d become a cop and just search every damn church. :stuck_out_tongue:

This “Maine”, what is it? A Stephen King novel?

Looks like he’s trying to give the governor some competition for “Craziest Politician in Maine.”

They dream big in Maine.

Yeah, the whole rape fantasy about an actual person (however despicable she is) is just disgusting. Thanks guys! Really advances the cause.

And tranny? Seriously? Is it okay to call black guys you really despise niggers? I’ve never ventured into this thread before, in spite of my considering most things that most Republicans do these days to be pretty damn stupid. I’ll just venture back out and leave the rape and torture fantasies to the oh-so-liberal boys.

Kentucky Republican, along with two libertarians, claims First Amendment right to accept bribes. Not just claiming; they’ve filed a federal lawsuit to overturn a state statute against lawmakers accepting gifts from lobbyists.

“An honest politician is one who *stays *bought.”

When you get done writing your next novel on aliens raping Hillary Clinton would you please do one on aliens raping Michelle Obama, who is actually a disabled tranny? That would be so hot.

Ted Cruz says Boehner will join with Democrats to implement all of President Obama’s remaining priorities.
The insanity continues . . .

Speaking of crazy, did we ever get a retraction from him for his Jade Helm 15 “invasion” scare?

Clearly you don’t understand that his timely warning about the plan prevented it from succeeding.

Holy crap, could they have found a sleazier looking image for that story? The guy looks like someone right out of Mr. Smith. And there is a “Moleman” character in there – this has to be a page from a Stan Lee novel.

Sister of Ike and Billy Clanton at the OK Corral?

Not only that, but he’s trying to do it through the courts after failing to get it passed legislatively. Damn activist judges!

Fiorina: Get rid of your flip phones and get a smartphone…
…if you want to have any input in how this nation is run.

Hmmm . . . If Zane Grey and John Norman were to collaborate on a novel . . .

I was thlnking more like Steven King and Cormac McCarthy…

Do not use slurs or hate speech on the SDMB.

No warning issued.

OK! Should we keep to GOP figures for consistency with this thread, or open it up to various right-wingers?

Redistricting is such a complex polygonal issue in Florida that nothing surprises me any more.

I’m not a liberal, I’m a progressive. And I have given myself permission to fantasize about whatever I like. I make a distinction between fantasies and reality. it’s part of this whole “sanity” thing that’s so popular nowadays. You should try it!

Besides, the point of my book was not to fantasize raping them. But I don’t expect people who can’t make a distinction between reality and fantasy to understand such things. So I forgive you, given your limitations.