Stupidest Pharmacy Stories

**Stupidest Pharmacy Stories **

Had a guy call in an obviously fake script one day over the phone. I (pharm tech back then) took the call. Put him on hold; tell the pharmacist…“there’s a guy on the phone who wants to call in a fake script”. My boss was skeptical…I said wait until you talk to him. He was higher than a kite.

Pharmacist takes the script (Vicodin), gets off the phone; she decided if he’s stupid enough to show up and try to pick it up, we’ll bust him. He was, and he did. Store security had said we would have to actually make the sale and then they would bust him…ummm…ok. Guy shows up, I ring him up, staple the bag shut with the receipt, and off he goes…straight into the waiting arms of store security.

After all the commotion of the bust, the store manager calls us to come get the drugs. I went upstairs to the office, and the store manager says “I can’t believe you guys!”.
“I can’t believe you guys actually let that guy walk away from the counter with the drugs! What if he’d gotten away?”

I smiled, and proceeded to open the bag, take the bottle out, open it, and dump out the…

paperclips…that were in it. :smiley: (what - you didn’t think we were going to give him real drugs?)
The manager almost pissed himself laughing.

I had my two sons with me when I went to the pharmacy for my birth control pills. One was just a few weeks old, and the other was three years. Some nosy old woman (another customer) peered over my shoulder, saw what I was getting, made a point of looking at my bare left hand (no wedding ring), and sneered, “A little late for those, isn’t it?”

I was so stunned, I had no idea what to say. I just rolled my eyes. Some people.

i think the both of you are why i was glad i was on the other side of the counter.

seriously, why do either one of you give a $hit?

also why i don’t go out in public anymore.

i tried to start a thread about silly things that people have witnessed from behind the counter, but i get stuff like this… an affirmation on why i don’t use my tech license, a reminder why i quit.

at least i had the hysterical moment of selling a 70 year old couple about a year’s supply of strawberry and cherry scented douche.

2nd hand story.

A doctor had refused to prescribe pain killers to a patient he had determined was “drug seeking”. Soon after the patient left Doc noticed his prescription pad was gone, so he put in a call to a few of the local pharmacies letting them know to watch out for the individual.

Sure enough, a couple hours later the person attempted to forge a prescription and pass it off at a local pharmacy. The brilliant plan failed in two regards. First, the order was not in dosage/number of pills, but by weight. Second, the individual had misspelled the name of the particular drug.

The order read something like this:


Why are you upset? You don’t go out in public anymore? Jesus.


Our local pharmacy recently changed their inventory. Now, instead of selling over the counter drugs and other useful things that one would expect to find in a pharmacy like they used to, they sell worthless and tacky figurines and dreamcatchers and the like. Because the pharmacy is the first place I think of when I want a tacky figurine.


You don’t go out in public anymore? :confused: Seriously? Don’t you think that might, uh, be indicative of a problem you may wish to consult someone about?

I mean, wow, are you getting mad here for very little reason.

Oh my god… do you live in Georgia by any chance? I refuse to even go into our pharmacy if I’m the least bit sick, because I’m utterly convinced I’m going to knock over one of the tacky displays in my fevered dizziness.

I once had a customer try to change a prescription to a stronger formulation (it was Vicodin to VicodinES IIRC), except she must not have had the correct pen color so she traced over the original wording and added the “ES” with a purple felt-tip. :rolleyes: