Superheroes with a big body count

The Authority killed worlds full of people in all sorts of interesting ways. I mean, what they did to poor Italy just to make a point…

Most of that you can’t really honestly lay at their feet, though. Most of the collateral damage is from the guys they’re fighting, and their only fault is that they’re not quite good enough at containing it. And let’s not forget, of course, that it was them going off leash that prevented New York from being literally nuked by the guys who were supposed to be holding them in check.

I don’t get why you’d rule out Ozymandias but allow Magneto as “a lineball call” for killing “on a moral compass” when he thinks it’ll save the lives of innocents.

Oh, and surely the superhero with the highest body count is Triplicate Lass?

Is Galactus a hero? He has to eat a planet every month or so, according to my copy of The Official History of the Marvel Universe.

Not a comic hero, but Richard Seaton kills hundreds of millions of Chlorans (to protect the earth) in Skylark Duquesne. They aren’t human, but they are intelligent, although Eeee-vil.


In Jonathan Hickman’s Secret Avengers run, the Illuminati knowingly and deliberately destroyed dozens of parallel Earths (and possibly their corresponding dimensions). The chickens have not yet come home to roost for that one. But yeah, on the surface, that runs into the hundreds of billions.

John Stewart (Green Lantern) failed to prevent the destruction of an Earth-type planet in Cosmic Odyssey. I blame the actual villain, but J’onn J’onzz was trying to rein him in before it happened. Oddly enough, this qualified him to run the Mosaic World, in the Guardians’ eyes.

Aha. Good example. They did indeed flood an alt-world Italy in order to wipe out the Blue.


Nice. But no Jamie Maddox the Multiple Man gag?

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