Superman Fans-How was the "Death" resolved?

Clark, you idiot

You let them do it

I always knew you would

I always assumed that that …“Mother Earth… release it”… was mostly metaphorical – a desperate prayer on Supe’s part when his body was already rejuvenating itself. You’re kind of swept up in Frank Miller’s narrative reading those three pages and kind of go with what he’s written and drawn, but if you stop and think about it, it doesn’t make any sense. There’s nothing in DC mythos that explains how Superman could absorb solar energy from touching ordinary Earth plants. (Plants don’t STORE solar energy anyway – they convert it via photosynthesis to form sugars. water and oxygen.)

I seem to recall an interview where one of Superman’s creators (either Joe Shuster or Jerry Siegel) was questioned about DARK NIGHT RETURNS and criticized the logic of that particular sequence, too (something like, “Superman looks like a corpse, he’s dying, and then all of a sudden he’s better again?”)

Besides there’s no “jungle.” Superman diverted Coldbringer to an American desert so that it would “explode harmlessly” remember? He breaks out of the fission-fused glass sand, flies away a ways, gets knocked down by the magnetic storms into a patch of savannah grass, where presumably because he’s away from the worst of the firestorms, he’s able to heal.

“Bruce – this is idiotic. You’re just bone and meat – like all the rest.”

OK, I have TDKR open in front of me, to the relavant page, and it looks like Superman is falling into a clearing- the area is surrounded by rainforesty-looking trees, and given the amout of slash-and-burn farming going on, a largish clearing wouldn’t be an unlikely place for Supes to crash land. And one of the panels shows nearby trees shrivelling and losing some pretty damaged looking leaves.

I keep track of these things, Clark

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Feh. You see trees, I see grass.

I stand corrected though – even though the PANELS and NARRATIVE show Superman dropping off the bomb in a desert, maybe Utah or Nevada, I realize now that’s supposed to be inland Corto Maltese in (presumably) Central America.

I’m chalking this sequence up to ‘mysterious metaphysics’ and leave it at that.

“Bruce, you idiot. You’ll ruin everything. For all of us. I always knew you would.”

Actually, the panel shows a grassy area surrounded by trees, which indicates a forest clearing.

You sold us out, Clark.

You gave them–the power–that should have been ours.