"Supreme Court to hear latest challenge to the Affordable Care Act"

Holy shit, there’s a whole thread about it!

Are there any examples that anyone can think of where the Democrats had some great messaging, Republican voters agreed with it and successfully petitioned their Republican Senators to see the wisdom of it? Because the argument that Democrats could have won with better messaging seems to boil down to “if my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle”.

Just look at Trump’s impeachment. Republicans went on record to say “we know Trump is an asshole and a crook but we’re offended that you called him an asshole and a crook.” There was no messaging that could overcome that because it would always be greeted with some variant of that answer. Label your opponent’s every move as Satanism and then dismiss them for not being better at selling it. I don’t think that’s an especially productive rabbit hole to travel down.

You’re correct. Is is a garbage argument, constructed by someone who got himself banned.

I agree!

Totally forgot about this. As Captain Willard said in Apocalypse Now, “In [the aftermath of Trump’s defeat in the election], the bullshit piled up so high you needed wings to stay above it.” Last I heard the indications were the court would not overturn, anything new happen since?

Once the Supreme Court hear about oral argument, nothing happens. Usually for several months.