Supreme Courts Mandates and Lies

According to a news media; Judge’s are saying that in some states school are not fully funded and has caused some schools to short fall of the State constitution’s guarantee of thorough and efficient Education. Interesting scenario: from these Judges? May I ask these from Legislators and Supreme Court Judges; have they “EVER” found in their interpretation of Constitution that?
“Where are the Guarantees”:
That people: should be able to put food on their table.
And will not need to pay tax on their home if they can’t afford it. So what our Government saying we will sale your home and use your money to have education to Bastard kids that are with out known fathers and perhaps mothers too while she screwing every dog around town. Thank you’ you should be rewarded for that. Note: at no time that I would approach any kid point the finger at or and name them to be Bastard. However I would accuse Mather as having Bastard kid. You don’t like truth though shit Morons’. Did you say that this is lie perhaps you guys should look at TV court shows and some other once a while, to learn what is actually is going on through out of our Country, but you are either too stupid or blind to face actual facts or you don’t care as long you get your “Vote”

(You can only give education to people that are willing to learn and that you should have that privilege once in life time on tax payer expanse!!!)

That people: should be able to live in them houses, for which are have being working, sacrificing and paying for, all of their lives.
That people: should not have to choose between the food and medication. Because you are forcing taxes and taking my SSI to feed some one others bastards kids’ and their whoore Mothers “you disgraceful Morons”.
That people: should be guaranteed to have medical coverage. We have giving other Countries in Trillions, that in some countries children are Medically insured, the day that are born. How come our arrogant Judges don’t see that we are insured, I can see one conclusion that our Supreme Court are Terrorist Group, that do not care for General public but their own Ideology’ because they are; well cover by our corrupted system?
That people: should have guarantee if I can afford to pay taxes on house that I will not be thrown out on the street. Hello talk to me Ladies and Gentlemen you can also intrepid that my “Farts” are smelly instead of stinky, but at the end of day both came from same asshole. You call yourself Judges, where is equal justice, where is your equal Guarantee to all people, where is my education, that my country did not provide to me. Yes it is nice to have education but country does not need every one to be Professor? We also need of janitors, broom pusher, ditch digger farm worker Etc. and note that 90% of farm work is done by immigrant. Perhaps these Judges and scumbags Legislators should be forfeiting they salaries and donate it to Education system, instead mandating the “laws” which do not exist in our constitution, but are presented to us as to “be”. According to Supreme court notes they are forbidding making any laws or rules, only Legislators are law makers, but Supreme courts intrepid the laws to their Ideology making manure, that some one else have to pay for their “Bustards” kids (nothing personal). We have Supreme Courts in state and National level generating “lots of manure” too bad that we can mandated for them to bathe in it. I am foreign born with no Education to speak of 6 grade of Elementary; in Europe but I managed to put two kids through schools without State or Federal help, and my adapted country forcing me to pay for education of some one else’s kids, needless to say that lots of them are “Bastards’, Yes according to Webster Dictionary kid without known father is designate as Bastard”. Be side that must of them don’t even want to learn or get educated. You don’t need to be smart, or be a lawyer to see what is going on. In our country: New comers not only that I am force to support they education but they want they own country language instead of English, on top of all I am force to give them “bilingual teachers”. We also have schools spending thousands of dollars on computers, for kids of Families that supposedly; can afford and pay for it on their own, but they can afford to buy a toys and booze, they also get grants from our Government, supposedly to be for Education instead they purchase IPods and goes on Vacations, cell phones cars, Etc. but we have to supply computers for they kids to use at school what a crack of bull shit. Needless to say wasted money on play grounds like foot ball, and base ball fields Etc. Our country Supreme Courts and they “Idiotic ways! Are making more and more people sick and homeless in this country by their mandated causes! Few that make through education and become professionals’ are paid in Millions, “how much” of this people are paying back to community which forked financial means for them to become professional’s players.

Thank you Ladies and Gents for making mandates and taking in consideration of all classes of our people. In addition you have forgot that the no courts can make any laws but you are making illegal rules according to your own interpretation of Constitution USA, that only Legislators are able to do that, and that is according to Supreme Courts notes. Thanks hypocrites’ for your Ethical consideration, that all people are equal, and this rules are “Violated” daily by you; yes you the Supreme Justices’!

Another fiasco that just came to my attention compiled by some.
So you might think that I am not speaking truth, how about this one: Prostitution female get cut selling her self it is Jail time for her. “But undetermined” amount of females that gave birth to “half dozen” kids or one every six months multiplied like “Rats”, with out known fathers, you have rewarded them by give them Welfare, SSI or and Disability and in some cases all three. You stupid arrogant scum bags: isn’t that discrimination. “Whoor’s” gets rewarded for having sex out of wedlock and having babes every six months, But “Prostitute” gets punished which may not collect Welfare or having half dozen kids out of Wedlock as the Whoor’s! Sorry you perhaps don’t know definition of Whoor, well it is female that goes around town and having sex with every loose Dog that maybe around the corner.

Thanks to our educated leaders for demising family unions by making morally legal marriage between couples of same sex, then why we are prosecuting people that have sex with “Enamels” why we are prosecuting Polygamist Isn’t that same in my opinion it is!!!
Is that surprise to you it should not be!!!
”Legislators and Supreme Court Explain”

You forgot to mention the Uniform Code of Commerce and flag fringes. Please try again.

This I know is the truth speaking as you have clarifyingly outlaid to all of us good ladies and gents. We who are not the maroons nor whores of the Babylon as it has been spoken of in the Bible. Certainly I know that I have not never once in all of my entire lifetime done something at taxpayers expanse.

I thought it was Flag Fringes or FLAG FRINGES

It certainly does appear that education in some states is severely underfunded.

Those are “false flags.”

You know, I thought that Stephen King had diarrhea of the word processor. Keep doing you, OP.

I, for one, must disagree with our esteemed OP. I believe that sex with enamels should indeed be decriminalized. As, indeed, should sex with acrylics, lacquers, and primers. A country where we cannot dip our genitalia in paints of all varieties is not a country I desire to live in.

“Whoor’s” have babies every six months?

Late term abortions, I assume. Didn’t read the screed so I don’t know the context.

I burning your Whoor.

Only if you get 1.5 of them pregnant at the same time. It’s an efficiency of scale.

Dilute! OK!

I’m guessing this is beta or perhaps alpha version 424, because it’s sure not ready to be a release candidate.

The Donald has a new hobby!

Q: was this screed deleted from a “speech”, or is this a new “Presidential”-type bit of incoherence?

What I find hardest to believe is that the OP actually edited that mess. What the holy fuck did it look like before?

He misplaced a comma.

tony of the family 424 raises a good point. Tell us more about the failings of the American educational system, tony.

Ugh. Yes, the OP clearly fell thru the cracks of the educational system. The coherence, or more specifically the lack of coherenence, makes me estimate the OP fell thru those cracks somewhere around 3rd grade.


You say he hasn’t quite recovered from a coma?