Suspicious vehicle in front of my house..What would you do?

Then that wouldn’t be considered “suspicious”, would it?

So your definition of suspicious is: unusual. Not possibly illegal, dangerous, or up to no good. Just unusual. Like a black realtor showing a house in a predominantly white neighborhood.

Or a family leaving the door open to let some air in.

I might consider that unusual, depending on the circumstances, but it’s not sufficiently suggestive of actual wrongdoing for me to call it suspicious.

“Suspicious”, to me, implies behavior like sneaking up on somebody’s porch to peer in their front window, while glancing around as though you’re afraid of being seen. Something like that. Merely sitting in a legally parked car minding one’s own business in a strange neighborhood doesn’t reach the “suspiciousness” threshold as far as I’m concerned.

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I live on a fairly busy street in a small city. On street parking is allowed (alternate side FWIW). I would likely not notice if someone was simply parked on the street outside my house, and would not find it suspicious at any hour of the day or night. So, in answer to the question, I guess I would do nothing. Difference between city and suburb in part I suppose.

There. Another data point heard from.

I might notice it. I might keep an eye on it. But unless I saw something actually illegal, I wouldn’t call the cops or approach them.

Now I have seen puzzled looking people stop at my corner- and I do ask them if they need directions.

If the “innocent person” is black and it’s a “white” neighbourhood I suspect they might follow up to see if there’s “harassment” involved and the caller is looked it for possible charges.