Synagogue or Temple

I use all three terms, more or less at random. I guess I would use “shul” only when talking to Jews.

I didn’t vote.

Because ‘either’, or ‘both’, were not choices.

Though they would, in my case, be accurate.

I don’t hear either word that often, but on one occasion it was close. The lead singer for the band Say Anything is of Jewish extraction and sometimes inserts Jewish references into his songs. In “Wow, I Can Get Sexual, Too” one of the lines is “I forgot all the rules my rabbi taught me in the old shul”. I’m not sure if that means temple or yeshiva, but I’m leaning toward the latter since it is also a pun on the phrase “Old School”.

:::Hijack::: But most of the fans assume the lyrics are “Old School”, and so sing it that way in concert. Max has also sang it that way in concert on occasion.

“Other” didn’t work for you?

All the Jews I know here in L.A. say “shul.” The actual places of worship are usually titled “Temple” as in “Temple Beth Shalom,” but nobody says “I’m going to temple,” or “I’m going to the synagogue.”

There was a shul in my basement when I lived in Jersey. So during those years, “shul” rolled off the tongue first.

But I don’t really find myself using these terms that much. I think the last time I mentioned a Jewish place of worship, I mentioned a specific place. As in, “Oh, you go to Beth Israel.”

I think “temple” is in my head more, though.

I didn’t vote, by the way. I hate voting. There should be a poll asking people if they vote before posting.

I took ‘other’ to imply some other word, specifically for a temple.
Sorry, my bad.

Very, very bad.


I say “shul.”