Talk to me about dusters please (coats)

There is some good advice here, thank you everyone. I’ve been looking at the other sites that have been suggested and now I have too many choices!

I don’t plan to wear it while I’m riding, its for slogging through the rain with our dogs. They don’t care what the weather is like, they insist on at least one long walk a day. I wanted to look dashing and bad ass while doing it :slight_smile:

(I can’t manage an umbrella with 2 leashes and I look like a poser walking them while I’m wearing my HD rain suit, so I thought a duster would be a good choice.)

So that is a duster. In the Netherlands they are only worn by a subset of well-off men in their fifties to seventies. Rich, bon-vivant poser types. They often have a lush grey banker’s mullet and wear fedora’s.

Another one to consider is a New Zealand brand, Oringi. The brand started for diary farmers. They make long and short coats, and also trousers. See the home page. Or the duster type coat. My husband and I have them, I do wear mine riding, but they are also great for wearing around. Wind proof, waterproof, but no warm lining. They are machine washable - bonus when around horses in wet weather!

I stumbled upon this thread. I have two Dusters. A large and an XL to layer. I have also a Jack Murphy and a Pak A Roo Duster from Outback Trading. I like them all for different reason and different kind of weather. You cant have just one rain coat. About the Driza Bone: their cotton is premium, tight weave and does not drip and leave oil every where. It is also tailored, not a bag coat, and the sleeves are tapered and practical. It is not showy cowboy fair but on the other hand you can use it on main street without people looking too much at you. One draw back for the city is that the cape is not removable. Always look for a good tight cotton fabric first when buying a Duster. The Jack Murphy is polyester with a non natural fabric liner that does not absorb water. It is a great Duster. An other great Duster is Wyoming Traders Waterproof Slicker, cotton with double latex coating, a little bit like the old Marlboro yellow Coat, canvas inside, if you are old enough to remember (I still have one). Anyway you cant have just one raincoat. Today I like Dusters old and beat up, antiquated, with a story behind. I would not buy a new one.

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