Tax Cuts For Rich People

Yeah, well, my main man Jonathan Edwoids sez, “It’s easier for a rich man to pass troo da eye uvva needle than ta enter da Kingdom of Heaven.”

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Rich people are people too!

Ever notice how the goddamned poor people always think of news ways that someone else is keeping them down, and the fucking rich people are taxed to high heaven, union workers demand more money for less work, large business donate up the ass, AND STILL rich people get shit on.

I’m poor, but fuck that. I’d rather work for my money than force it out of someone else who actually earned it.

I love it! Are you related to Monty Burns?
Homer: “Gee, Mr. Burns, you’re the richest guy I know.”
Monty: “Yes, but I’d give it all up for a little bit more.”

The chlorine comment is reminiscent of Norm McDonald’s (or was it Akroyd’s?) rant as Bob Dole, talking about all the things he didn’t have as an unprivileged youth growing up.

Remember? The longer the list got, the less things had to do with being wealthy, like, “We didn’t have your garage door openers.”

But then the rich have a hard time getting into heaven.
When they are in office, they are a lot greedier than those of modest income in office. But even they haven’t stopped the trend for the top and bottom of the wealth pyramid to flatten. To do that, you have to get poor people elected. Given the current state of campaign financing, that’s not coming any time soon.

Uh, cite please?

I would also imagine that anyone with the skills to be a competent legislator would have the skills to earn at least a middle class income. Sure there are probably exceptions, but somehow I doubt that you could assemble a whole set of state and national legislatures solely from poor people. Even if they did get a fair shot at campaign financing.

I can just see it now: “Elect me for President, I’m 50 years old and make minimum wage at the local McDonald’s. The manager lets me lock up sometimes. How much harder can running the United States be?”