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Does it make sense that Nate, the same guy who couldn’t sufficiently advocate for himself to reserve the window table in his local Greek restaurant, would now be the manager of a Premier League team? Seems quite a leap. Looking at the Wikipedia biography of the real-life West Ham manager, I see a lot more experience. David Moyes played more than 500 times before working his way up to manager of a team and then moved from team to team.

If he’s been credited by the media as being the real brains behind Richmond’s second half run, then a Premier League club may want to get a jump on getting the hot young manager. Though West Ham may be a bigger club that would take that chance… But they are in London which helps with the rivalry.

Also I think it’s clear that Rupert has been planning for a while, and working on Nate since at least the funeral. Rupert probably relishes taking Nate away from Richmond, and also knows he can dominate Nate in decisions about tactics and running the club.

I speculate that Nate will be an assistant manager which is still a huge step up to go to a much more highly regarded team.

I think it’s pretty likely that both Nate and Roy would have interest for head coaching positions. I think players would hate Nate, but tolerate him as long as things were going well. He’d lose the locker room the second that stopped.

I can see Roy as team manager. Not Nate.

There are indeed plenty of microaggressions against Nate but I agree with this too:

When Nate is shouting at Ted about how he “earned” his place, that’s a shot at his dad who refused to praise Nate even when he was being lauded in the press.

Last season he was so selfish, he didn’t even want to pass to wide open teammates. Not only is Jamie unselfishly giving up an easy chance to claim all the glory and be the hero himself, he’s proving that he has confidence in his teammate.

There is also the possibility that Jamie recognizes that Dani is better. In Season one they did that thing where Jamie was hitting the post “intentionally”. Then Dani did it better.
But overall I think it was simply to round out the Earl storyline.

Side question: The player who is fouled does not have to take the PK? You can just pick anyone on the team?

They made a point of saying Jaime hadn’t missed a PK. He’s apparently excellent.

No, the taker can be anyone. There have been some GKs that took them on their teams although I don’t think you’ll see a coach let that happen any more. This is a point of friction on comparing goals scored between players. You can significantly bad stats if you’re the team’s designated player even though the marginal value between an excellent PK taken and an average one is maybe 1-2 goals a year.

I just binged season 2 with my wife ( and not long ago binged season one together). I had already seen all up until the finale of S2 , but she had not, so it was a rewatch for me for both seasons and so I was watching Nates transformation. We did skip the two filler episodes and that was a huge improvement to the pacing of the show, and binging made the lack of football a lot less noticable, but I think everything has been said on that front.
Great finale looking forward to S3, after some earlier grumbling I am back aboard the Ted train.

So Roy/Keely will be interesting to see where that goes. Why let Dani take the penalty, it bookends the beginning of the season and shows something of Jamie’s growth. I agree not at all realistic but hey ho. It would be good to see a bit more of Jamie and his arc but there is a lot crammed in the show, maybe 12 proper episodes would have helped .
Trent Crimm , I want his car. Yeah I think he will be back, the lost keys and not riding a bike set up for some character quirks.

Random Nate thoughts

Season one after rewatch
I dont think they were indicating Nate was a deep down arsehole in S1, the yelling to get off the pitch in ep1 just seemed normal , pitch maintenance is a big deal as it’s real grass, and the helicopter in S2 landed on the practice pitch.
The Everton game Nate pep talk was some snark intended to get them energized and his Roy comments were more in awe of Roy than snide , so not seeing any of that as suggesting he was deep down nasty.

Nates hair graying was quite startling I guess he has a huge stress issue which is no doubt part of his behavior.

As far as people slighting Nate, obviously in season one the team bullying him, in S2 the resteraunt, his father ignoring his successes, the mild teasing over Wunderkind, there was a big one when Ted said they needed a big dog to talk to Isaac the captain ( ep4?) and Ted laughed when Nate suggested he (nate) could do it and he looked pretty put out as you would imagine.
When he let loose at the locker room guy, Will, it was just after he read a tweet about himself which said “he is good, but still a loser” . The apology to Colin after Beard said he should be better seemed heartfelt , and again at the time he spoke to colin we see Nate constantly scrolling through Twitter reading about himself.
The blow up over Will returning the suit ‘Ted bought him’ came after Dutch player Jan Mass had said Ted buying him a suit was infantilizing. Finally after he kissed Keely and told Roy , Roy brushed him off as if it was no big deal which no doubt Nate took to mean Roy couldn’t possibly see him as a threat or be in serious contention for Keelys feelings.

So quite a lot of stuff but obviously none of it justifies his behavior but it all builds up. My take is he is not an irredeemable jackass like Rupert. I think a combination of stress, a history of people picking on him, his father ignoring his success , the unhealthy obsession with what people say about him on social media and his recent success have basically all piled up and he just doesn’t have the skills to cope ( who does) and that’s caused the gradual breakdown lashing out and making Ted the focus of his anger. I am certain we will see his redemption.

I thought it was interesting that Roy’s progression as a character fed into Nate’s regression. Another example of Nate projecting his feelings onto the actions of someone else.

Other Ep.12 highlights for me included Coach Beard still reading Inverting The Pyramid - maybe he knows he’s going to have to provide more tactical support in the near future? R.I.P. Earl on Dani’s cleats as he stepped up to place the ball on the spot was a great touch.

Nate next season might well be the anti-Ted - tactical genius but miserable at man-management. I had thought that some of Ted’s lack of comfort with Dr. Sharon was because he was worried that her adeptness at helping players play better might make him redundant, since he’s no great shakes at the X’s and O’s (as they say in futbol Americano).

I think Roy and Keely are going to have some real issues in the coming season, but I don’t see them ending up apart any more than Jim and Pam on The Office (televisio Americano).

Roy seems to be struggling with being happy. He’s got a good job doing what he loves with a coaching team he respects, and he’s in a fantastic relationship with a beautiful, accomplished, lovely woman (who seems to be attracting everyone at the moment), but his standard mode of operation is angry miserable swearing bloke and he’s not adapting as well as he thinks he is. And now he’s watching Keeley become the ‘big dog’ of the relationship and he’s left waiting on his own (or going on vacation on his own) while she works in her new high-powered job.

I anticipate we’ll see him continuing to microsabotage - if not fully sabotage - the relationship, because he knows how to cope with being miserable and angry better than the alternative.

So now that the Season has concluded, I think S2 has been a drop in quality. The pacing seemed all off (though probably wasn’t helped by the shoved in Christmas and Beard episodes after the fact) and there were plot points that seemed to be rushed through (the Dubai Air sponsorship plot), and seemingly added drama for no particular reason (Roy randomly thinking Keely didn’t need him so he was going to get dumped?). It seemed like the show had two main things they wanted to do this season - Nate’s bad turn and Ted dealing with his demons - and everything else wasn’t really important and it showed. For instance, why would Sharon be done? Plenty of teams have a permanent team psychologist. But she did her work with Ted and that plot was over (even though I’m guessing Ted may have appreciated her to talk to about Nate’s turn), so her role was over.

I would broadly agree. Season 2 isn’t as good as season 1, but that’s mainly due to how excellent the first season was - I thought the second season was very good as well. I think most of the issues with S2 were with the overall structure of the season. The acting was good, the writing of the individual episodes was good, there were plenty of good jokes, etc. The problems I had were mostly with the pacing, release schedule, no real overarching plot struggle, and so on. I think with season three those things may naturally improve, with Rupert and (maybe) Nate as clear antagonists.

Jamie didn’t really grow at all after the first few episodes of Season 2; he started acting like a good teammate and a coachable player more or less the instant he came into the locker room.

Upon first meeting Ted I got an immediate and ongoing Ned Flanders vibe, and I haven’t been able to shake it.

Anyone else feeling this?