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Ok that sounds cool, even if it doesn’t advance the plot, some little insights there could be fun.

Though I will note that that means there are only 3 episodes left this season that will advance the plot. And usually, in non-Covid years the FA Cup Semi finals are usually played in April… meaning there was a whole lot of season they played in the background and there is only about a month left. I imagine it’ll be jarring if in the episode after this one there is a mention that Richmond is now in the promotion playoff race.

Yeah, I agree with this. Especially the ignorance on pitch size.

Not understanding offsides strikes me as being very unrealistic; he doesn’t seem lazy, so he’d try to learn that.

Pitch size, though, might not be something you notice.

Do we think he really doesn’t understand it? Isn’t part of this season about how much of what he does and says is actually a facade or shtick?

I wouldn’t be shocked if really did have a pretty good understanding of soccer (perhaps not at the level of Beard or Nate) but plays the “aw shucks, I don’t even know the offside rule” as part of his routine.

I’m pretty sure many pro footballers don’t understand the Offside Rule. Possibly some referees too, for that matter.

Wembley’s pitch size (115 yds by 75 yds) is basically the same size as Arsenal’s pitch (115 yds to 74 yds), which Richmond definitely would have played when they were in the Premier League. So being in awe of how big the pitch is just strikes me as completely strange. If Richmond played on a postage stamp size pitch (100 yds by 70 yds say), they’d have noticed right away.

Any opinions on Season 2, Episode 9, Beard After Hours? I had fun watching it, but read the AV Club recap after, and they didn’t like it. Remembering that this is almost certainly the second of the two episodes that were added after the ten-episode season was planned out.

Hell, the Etihad pitch (116 x 77) is bigger than Wembley, and we know Richmond played Man City before. I think Old Trafford is bigger too.

And if we want to get really nit-picky, Richmond almost certainly would have played at Wembley during the seasons where Tottenham Hotspur used it for home matches.

I’m pretty sure that the statement was a joke as Ted was trying to imitate Gene Hackman in Hoosiers

But that’s kind of the exact opposite of Gene Hackman in Hoosiers. He was trying to say it’s the same size field at home, but was then corrected and was surprised to note it was different.

Right, but what made the joke funny (if you thought it was funny) was that Hackman made a poignant statement in Hoosiers by calming his guys down. Ted tries it and it blows up in his face.

Well yes, but the joke only works if Ted really doesn’t know the pitch sizes are different.

Re this new episode: I loved it. My wife hated it.

But then, I think “the Ted Lasso cast spends 30-odd minutes telling us how much they love Martin Scorsese’s After Hours” is an A-plus pitch.

My wife, by contrast, has no idea what Martin Scorsese’s After Hours is, and she thought this episode was pointless, indulgent, and a waste of time.

Not gonna be a lot of middle ground on this one.

Yeah, that episode didn’t advance the plot but I loved it! I thought it was fantastic how it balanced the good and bad of Beard’s surreal night. And ultimately led him to where he wanted to be.

For what it’s worth, I’ve never heard of After Hours.

It sucked. 1000x better than the Christmas episode, but still a complete waste of time.

I liked it; my wife hated it. I certainly wouldn’t want a bunch of episodes like this, but as a one-off it was fun. Thierry Henry was great.

In the last scene, the whiteboard shows their record as 21-16-6 for 79 points from 43 games. That should probably put them in the 3rd-6th range for the promotion playoff, right? They’ve gone 17-2-2 since Christmas.

Same here- I wouldn’t want this to be a common theme but we thoroughly enjoyed the departure. It was just a lot of fun and we’ve found the writing to be hit or miss on this season but this was in good form. Loved the Prince Andrew joke …

I thought I would hate the side episode, but it was great! I loved the “Oy!” guy when he was in the crazy woman’s apartment.

Also, was the end of the night just a dream? They lost me when he ducks into a church to get out of the rain, but there is a bar downstairs with his girlfriend in it and he does a hula dance. What was the point of that?

It was hit and miss for me. I can’t complain. It was miles better than the shit chowder that was the Xmas episode.