Ted Lasso on Apple TV

This would put them into contention for the playoffs. For comparison, last year the EFL Championship playoff teams were Brentford (87 points), Swansea City (80 points), Barnsley (78 points) and Bournemouth (77 points).

That would already put them in playoff contention even if they lost out. 17-2-2 is a fucking phenomenal record. Unless a single player was just having an amazing season (Jaime Tartt scoring like 30 goals) the entire coaching staff would be getting lots of positive press and rumors about moves to bigger clubs. Man City beating a Championship club 5-0 would not be seen as a coaching disaster, especially in that context.

Exactly. And it seems quite a bit unrealistic I think. If they went on that run, we’d be hearing Nate Shelly and Roy Kent are about to get hired by Prem clubs.

BTW, I was poking around YouTube and found this, a very short (under five minutes) film from eight years ago, in which NBC Sports Network promoted its broadcast of Premier League matches via the character Ted Lasso. So some of the jokes are familiar (four countries, the offside rule, etc), though Ted is more of an idiot than on the Apple TV show. (There’s also a six-minute sequel here.

That’s where the character originally comes from. And the NBC Premier League commercials were why people were so skeptical of a show on the character (though obviously they changed it). And probably why it’s on Apple TV+ as opposed to a bigger streaming service

I’ll go with hit and miss as well.

Regarding the church and the club, I know of churches that closed down and reopened as clubs and bars, I can think of 4 in Aberdeen. So the idea of a club in an old church basement is not unthinkable, not sure if it also being in an active church is likely, then again it is just a tv show.

Yes, I know that’s where the character comes from; that’s why I thought it was interesting to see.

And Ted Lasso just won a ton of Emmys including Best Comedy.

Agreed, especially about the joke. Beard has been the most underdeveloped character of the bunch, so this was fun if somewhat surreal.

Have literally been in a place like that in Camberwell (in south London), albeit without the neon crosses and with shitter music and decor (I mean, this was Camberwell after all). Some churches rent out their basements/crypts for weekend raves, because churches gotta pay for upkeep somehow. However, you wouldn’t normally go through the church to get to the club, and there would certainly be someone in the church keeping an eye on things if it was open to the public.

We knew the girlfriend was there from the picture she sent him earlier. And the point is him letting go of his anxieties and self-loathing.

Wasn’t the “coaching disaster” commentary from Linekar/Henry in Beard’s imagination? It led straight to them mocking his decor. As for the people in the pub, well, that’s people in a pub for you.

Speaking of which, it was also nice to see those three superfans getting an airing.

Just went to look that up and found this. Dang, man.

…for those who didn’t pause, the texts from Jayne reveal another layer to the episode, and adds a huge amount of context to the relationship between her and Beard.

CW the texts portray a dysfunctional relationship, and are quite explicit.


The Texts. (Again, spoiled because they are heavy reading)

Yes, it was in his head, but it seemed like the team felt like it was a disaster last episode.

This was a great episode. We know NOTHING about Coach Beard. No, it doesn’t tell us much about his background, but it tells us how he’s feeling now. Just himself. Not concerning any other coaches or players.

Knowing that the actor playing Coach Beard is also one of the writers/creators of the series, and one of the writers of this episode, and knowing that as an actor he is basically unknown until this series, I am going to say this episode is the most self indulgent thing I’ve seen in a long long time. I say that as someone who thoroughly enjoyed the episode. But I felt it had an undertone of, "Hah, let’s see how much I can get away with! I KNOW! I KNOW! I’ll end it with a 5 minute hula-hoop dance! "

Another episode with nothing about football. C’mon. How is the team doing?

I’m wondering what Rupert (Rebecca’s ex-husband) whispered to Nate after the funeral. One of the recaps I read speculated that he’s giving up his shares in the Richmond team and is going to buy a competing team and hire Nate as coach. (Upthread someone mentioned the team’s win/loss/tie record so far this season and that it’s good enough that the coaches are going to be wooed by other teams.)

There are 2 episodes left this season. It’s going be weird that the last time we caught up with the team in the regular season they were in trouble (before Christmas) and then it’s, oh they went on a massively successful run and are in the playoff positions for promotion (in late Spring).

They’ve really made the soccer superfluous haven’t they? I am not a fan of that, to be honest.

We’re in total agreement. There were a couple of shots in the office today and the team record was deliberately off the edge of the shot.

I haven’t seen this last episode yet , and not worried by spoilers, and I agree the lack of football or the progress of the team this season is a problem. The game and the performance of the team was one of the things driving the story arc , to which all the other stuff could be bolted and put in context to make an over all good story.
There is nothing holding all of this together , it is aimless.
I rewatched season 1 with my wife and she enjoyed that season, I’ll rewatch season 2 with her once it’s done ( she likes to binge watch ) , feeling a bit down on it though, hope the last two episodes can pull out the stops.

…Ted Lasso isn’t a show about football.