Tell me about garden hoses

Maybe a soaker hose?

Wrap that around the tree roots, hook one end to the classic hose. Boom done.

I bought a good hose in 1985.
I still have it.

The cheapie I bought in 1983 ended up as a 10’ length - before it was completely thrown out about 1987.

Like anything else, how long are you going to use it? How often?

the “You get what you pay for” is not quite accurate; you MAY get what you pay for, but you will very rarely get more.


I have 3-50 foot pocket hoses screwed together. I’ve had them for 4 years and have never put them away for the winter. They just hangs on the back of the house in a holder. I love them since they don’t kink, and they’re super lightweight.

There’s a joke there somewhere. :slight_smile:

But it’s true. There are some that kink up at the first opportunity and others that do it less often. Those are your only real choices.

Though heavy-duty, more expensive hoses tend to last longer, I am dubious about hoses and quality in general.

In addition to kinking, coiling in the wrong direction and leaking, hoses deliberately seek out plants to destroy, trip the humans using them, tie themselves into knots at every opportunity and engage in other sociopathic behavior.

Hoses are evil.

I certainly agree with that. In 1978 I purchased a 100’ rubber hose from Sears for about $30 (big bucks for me back then). It has remained outside with annual temps ranging from 0 to 105F and other than replacing the end fittings once, it shows no sign of deterioration.

Which actual pocket hose do you have, if you don’t mind me asking? Where did you buy it? Is it the same as this one?

In my experience rubber hoses are the best hoses in terms of durability and flexibility. The downside is that they kink easily. If you are going to coil and uncoil the hose each time you use it, I suggest a cheaper hose that is known for it’s ability to withstand kinks. Though as has been said upthread, all hoses kink. But rubber seems to kink more easily than others.

I’m jealous! I bought my Sears hose in 1978 as well. But this year I finally gave up on it as the filters on the sprinklers were clogging with rubber particles coming off the inside of the hose. If the local Sears store hadn’t closed, I would have taken it back for a free replacement.

Certainly not my experience with rubber hoses. I use exclusively rubber hoses. Each service van has a 50ft and a 75ft. Every day they are coiled and uncoiled, Most days multiple times. They last years and years, more commonly they end up replaced because they get lost. I can’t remember the last time we replaced one due to wear.

Lightweight however they are not, so I can’t recommend them to the OP.

That’s why kinksters use rubber hoses.