Tell me about Lexington, Kentucky

I remember, in the 50s, the Opera House was a cinema, that was like a drive-in for people without cars – just bring the kids, nobody cared. Googled it, seems now it still being put to good use.

I see that right now the air quality index in Lexington is 121 due to PM2.5; what is causing that? Is it just pollen?

A lot of the region is having AQ issues, as I see it from the National Maps | page huge patches of IN/KY/TN and of NC/VA have unfavorable AQ forecasts for today and tomorrow, and the Mid-Atlantic was so too.

Western fires’ plumes making their way East may be at play here.

Aye :man_facepalming: I should have figured that out but I was busy passing out. Mea culpa.