Tell me about the Canadian Rockies

Calgarians are easygoing drivers?!? I guess everything is relative. I thought most Calgary drivers are desperately in need of a tranquillizer dart. I agree with you about the dead stop at the end of the merge lane, though. That seems to be a Calgary peculiarity.

Good point about taking extra time for road trips - there’s always stuff to see and do along the way on these trips. Oh, I don’t think anyone’s mentioned this yet - on the way to Drumheller, there is a sightseeing stop called the Horseshoe Canyon that is definitely worth a look.

Don’t forget the nasty habit of speeding EVERYWHERE and always turning into the wrong lane.

About ten years ago, I took a bus brom Banff to Vancouver in 15 hours, along the Trans-Canada and the Coquihalla. This indicates to me that it can be driven in less time. (Mind you, the bus driver did get pulled over for speeding just after coming out of Banff park. Probably a good reminder for safe driving, considering what was next on that road, namely Kicking Horse Canyon…)