Tell me about your breast reduction

I had mine done thirteen years ago. The left is in need of a touch-up but unless I win the lottery or something that’s not happening.

I didn’t have to have an FNG. I have no idea whether I’d be able to breastfeed or not; due to unrelated issues I’m never going to find out. Oh well. Weirdly my nipples are way more sensitive than they ever were before the surgery.

Still, it was so worth it, if you’re considering it I will cheer you on. It is major surgery, and as such isn’t for everybody, but it made such a difference for me.

Thanks for the site, Carol! I’ll look through it tonight. Sounds like it’s exactly what I need.

Maastricht, this might be TMI, but my nipples are about the least sensitive part of my body. I won’t be missing a thing.

Wow, I’m 2 cm away from the FNG in both directions.

I’ve never known anyone who regretted theirs. Anectodal, but still. Then again all I know were truly enormous pre-surgery and had pain, etc.

Bras make a huge difference, though, in back pain caused by heavy breasts. Most of the women I know who have legitimately huge boobs, but no discomfort or health issues associated with them, have learned enough about bra-fitting that they know how important it is to wear a band size very close in number to the actual measurement of your ribcage. If you don’t do this, today’s super-stretchy bands don’t provide enough support, and the weight of your breasts drags on your straps and shoulders, often causing back problems. Before anyone considers a reduction I’d recommend learning a lot more about bra fitting and trying sizing down in the band, and up in the cup (for example Drain Bead if you are usually wearing a 36G, but your ribcage is 29" around, a better-fitting size range might be a 30 I/J). This usually means you have to order bras online if you’re in America (since we have a ridiculously limited size range compared to Britain, Queen of Bras and big boobs), but I hear a correctly-fitted bra that resolves pain is worth it!

ETA: I have links to lots of good bra-fitting info, if anyone is interested.

My wife had a breast reduction about 12 years ago . I adored those breasts. Over the years she gained weight proportionately and her breasts just got bigger and bigger. I wasn’t complaining, because all I wanted was to smother myself in those breasts. Finally, due to back pain she got them reduced to a C cup. I could live with that, Hell I had no choice. But then she made lifestyle changes that dramatically caused her to lose weight and keep it off. Unfortunately , those C cups turned to A cups.

Not a day goes by that I don’t mourn the loss.

But she does look good though.

My actual size measured was a 36H.

Here’sa thread I started on the same topic three years ago. Lots of good stuff in there.

Update on my status: Had my second (and last!) kid, he’s 17 months now. So I can start the process anytime, I just want to lose more weight first. Can’t wait until I’m ready.

Keep us updated, Drain Bead!

I should have been more clear - most ‘bra fitters’ from department stores use the outdated method of adding 4-5" to your actual rib cage measurement in order to determine your band size. That’s considered wildly incorrect by a lot of people, and is the main cause of pain from large breasts IMO.

If this isn’t the case then your actual ribcage where your band fits is 34-36" and you’re wearing approximately the right size. But that’s relatively rare, I’d say a majority of women are under 33" around the ribs and today’s spandex bra bands are much too loose.

I take monthly measurements. My ribcage is currently 35 inches and my bust, with bra on, is 44 inches. I’m 5’11" and wear a 14 or 16 in pants, depending on the brand. I’m pretty sure that works out to a 36H, although I go with the 38G as I mentioned before, and wear it on the middle set of hooks as the last is actually a bit too tight.

Yes, you are indeed correctly fitted (IMHO)! Sorry if I was pedantic, but there are so many women who are not.

Have you looked into doctors yet, or different procedure options for reduction?

rhubarbarin, I’d really be interested in the links you have for correct bra fitting. I’m not in the market for a breast reduction, but I am looking for new bras, and I’d like to get the right size but am squeamish about someone measuring me. (Odd, that - not sure why. I go to the gyno and have had bikini waxes and that’s no problem, but getting fitted for a bra is right out.)

I have my first consultation with a surgeon next Wednesday. I’ll probably consult with a few of them before deciding on one.

Good idea. I was told I needed surgery on my girly bits and got a second opinion. The opinion was the same but I went with the second doctor because she didn’t just tell me I needed surgery, she bothered to explain it. I was much more comfortable with her.

In the meantime, the Wacoal Awareness bra is a good style to check out.