Tell me about your craziest coincidences

I had a girlfriend and my friend got a letter from someone with initials CLS but not her name. When I mentioned CLS to someone they knew who she was. And she was going to be the roommate of my girlfriend in a few months.

Michael C Hall from Dexter grew up here. At the dentist they had an alumni magazine from his private high school. I picked it up and thought maybe they would have an article on him. Sure enough they had an article in that issue on Michael C Hall.

I was on one of my Sunday drives as is my wont, approaching civilization after tooling around in the countryside for an hour…

The Verve song All in the Mind came on my player. As it ended, I kind of got hooked up with a blue BMW; while we didn’t race or anything, I was with him for the entire 4 mile distance.

Other cars had gone down the more populous road, so I was finally able to pull up beside the guy, and take a quick peek at him…

He was an exact double for The Verve’s lead singer Richard Ashcroft: pouting lips, deadpan expression, long face, dark eyebrows & hair, long nose, everything.

A few years back I got a text message from my brother, asking “where are you?”

I replied, “kayaking the upper Allegheny between Emmlenton and Foxburg, why?”

Turns out he was driving a rental car somewhere in California on business. He’d turned on the radio and was listening to The Splendid Table on NPR, and Lynne Rossetto Kasper was chatting with me!! My brother freaked out.

(I had submitted a question, it was chosen, and they had recorded our discussion. It played different times/dates in different markets. I never heard it)

Last week I heard about a song where lyrics were changed. I thought of the Stones “lets spend the night together” was changed to “lets spend some time together” to be radio friendly. Since then I’ve heard the song 3 times on SiriusXM radio. the uncensored version. And I only listen to SiriusXM in my car and I have not been driving much at all lately

There is a log cabin just over the BC/Alberta border. In the winter, reaching it involves about 90 minutes driving from Calgary and 3-4 hours of skiing or snowshoeing. I don’t think it’s accessible from the other side in the winter. I’m sitting in said cabin one winter’s eve with a friend of mine and three strangers. I’m describing an old acquaintance to my friend, saying “he’s the only person I’ve ever known who deserved to wear a Superman shirt. We used to call him XYZ.” One of the complete strangers snaps his head over and says “you know XYZ?”

In 2008 I was in a bar in a hotel in a small Swiss village, Murren or Wengen or one near those. The bartender asks where I’m from, and I tell him. He says he has a daughter living and working at a hotel in Banff, where I’d been three weeks earlier. He shows me her picture, and she’s the girl who’d brought me coffee in the lounge of the Post.

Ha this is very funny but many years ago I took my late mother to the beach. The last day I was leaving I bought a Bob Marley t-shirt and drove back home without trying it on. when I got home it was a little too tight and i was already home so I just kept it. After about 2 years later I lost enough weight to wear the shirt and on a random warm day early that year I wore it to drive out to a friend’s house. On the way I had to stop by a couple of stores and each time I got a lot of weird looks from guys saying that they liked my shirt. These were sketchy looking people at best so I thought it was kind of strange.
When I got to my friend’s house he gave me a funny look and said “I see you are celebrating Pot Day.”
I had never heard of it and had coincidentally worn the shirt that I had bought over two years before on Bob Marley’s birthday.
I had no idea but all of the people I had met earlier in the day all assumed I had known and was wearing it in celebration.

If I remember correctly, the song was censored for a one-time television appearance, not the radio airplay.

Craziest I can think of is when I left the state to visit my my in Las Vegas for Christmas. During the trip, I received a call from a friend of mine who lived in a third state saying he was also in Vegas. Naturally we met up and had dinner together, but it was pretty surreal.

I am in the EU so cannot read the article but am much intrigued. Care to elaborate on what was in the article and what the connection was to the photos you found please?

That would be the Ed Sullivan version, complete with eye-rolling from Mick Jagger.

I was driving along a 2-lane road behind a truck pulling a utility trailer, and the truck was doing under the speed limit. I knew the road, and there was no passing for miles. I said, “I wish that truck would pull over and let me pass.” Immediately after I said it the right tire of the trailer blew, and the truck pulled onto the shoulder and I passed him.

I had one wish, and I wasted it in traffic. :frowning:

The character Meg from Family Guy has the same birthday as me according to last night’s episode. I know, the probability of that isn’t really that low, but still.

After moving to Maryland for grad school I looked for a found a D&D gaming group who was looking for players. After playing at Bill’s house for a few weeks I commented on his hot air balloon photos, mentioning that they reminded me of my home in New Mexico. Turns out that he used to live in New Mexico too. Actually, he used to live in my home town of Los Alamos. Actually, it turned out that his younger brother was best friends with my older brother in highschool, and Bill was the GM of the Champions campaign that I always wanted to go to but wasn’t ever invited to since I was just a little kid of about 13.

This just happened to me last week on Royals Review, a forum for Kansas City Royals fans.

Someone posted about having given away tickets to Jim Colborn’s no-hitter in 1977. I responded that I had done the same, for Dwight Gooden’s no-hitter in 1996. Strange enough coincidence to have two people in the same forum who have given away tickets to no-hitters, but the coincidence gets crazier - the dates of both of those no-hitters that we gave away tickets of were both May 14 of their respective years.

Most recent: This last Thanksgiving (2019) we were in Las Vegas. About 1pm, we’re having drinks at a hotel bar with a friend from SoCal. In the middle of conversation, I hear a woman behind me say “Oh. My. God” I turn around and it’s my former home-brewing partner (who I haven’t seen in at least 3 years) and her family. What are the chances that they would be walking by (a sidetrack that took them out of the main flow and down an escalator) during the time period we were there, even though they were staying at a different hotel and were only at our site because her brother wanted to do the buffet?

I’ve worked with a personal trainer on and off over the past several years who is also a family friend. One day (a few years ago) my daughter had her purse stolen on a school field trip. It was found later the same day and turned in. My wife called my friend / trainer to take the purse to my daughters school without me realizing it. I had gotten out of work early that day and was in the line of cars to pick up students at her school. At the time I was supposed to be on a diet but I was having a cheat day and eating a burrito and drinking a Coke while waiting. My friend saw me and approached the car and said”you know you’re not supposed to be eating that!” I ended up spilling the Coke on myself from the shock.

My son got married a few weeks ago. This week his bride’s sister had a baby, which was the first grandchild for their parents. It was on the 24th anniversary of their wedding. Not such a big deal, OK.

But here’s the weird part. My own first grandchild was likewise born on the 24 anniversary of my own wedding. So the new couple both have parents whose first grandchild was born on exactly the 24th anniversary of their respective weddings.

An incredible (though completely pointless) coincidence.

Very mundane: several years before we had the area remodeled, I built a little shoe caddy thing to go by the back door, to hold the shoes/boots we wear when we work in the garden (we don’t wear shoes indoors so we needed this to remedy shoe clutter). It was three pairs of shoes high, and two pars of shoes wide (that’s how I decided what the dimensions were going to be). It sits on four tapered legs.

Fast forward a few years and we are remodeling that whole end of that level of the house. Everything is in a different place – window, door, everything. Different type of casings for the door, all done without reference to anything else. Finally it’s done and I go to put the shoe caddy into its new place, and it fits exactly between the casing for the window and the casing for the door. I mean exactly, there isn’t 1/16" of space on either side. Also, the legs set it just above the baseboard, so the back of the caddy can rest against the wall. All I had to do was paint it the same color as the casings, and it would be as if it was tailor-made for that spot.

I’ve had two mothers-in-law with the same birth surname, and the name does not rank among the 1,000 most common names.

Also, two (of 3) nieces and one (of 3) aunts who married men on the same page in the Milwaukee phone book – different names starting with WY, and unknown to each other.