Tell me about your Roomba!

The terrible Roomba was a 560 model. AFAIK, the mapping and navigation tech didn’t change until the 900 series.

The near-perfect Neato is a Botvac D5 Connected.

I’m lazy AF and when I heard that a robot could do all my cleaning, I was stoked.

Unfortunately, you need to empty its little garbage basically daily, fix it’s little brushes and replace its filters.

All-in-all, not much easier than vacuuming yourself and more expensive.

That said, I was an early adopter, so maybe they’re better now (In the end, I got a cleaning lady).

I got the Eufy recommended by The Wirecutterwhen it was on some ridiculous sale at Amazon. I mostly like it; certainly I like it better than the Roombas I had in the past. It has a devious intelligence though. There are three pieces of furniture in our house that are problematic clearance-wise. The Eufy aims for those pinch points with suicidal determination.

The strange thing is that while my dog HATES HATES HATES the regular vacuum, he doesn’t care about the Eufy. That is up until the point where it bumps into him. Then it’s GO TIME. That’s a provocation that cannot be ignored. The Eufy gets a time out until the aggression level dissapates.

I find that highly amusing. :smiley: Animals versus small vaccuuming robots.

The robot bumped the dog’s food bowl once and you would have thought it was armageddon. Badger managed to get his teeth into one of the bumpers and was trying to shake it to death. Don’t mess with his food.

Yeah, that’s what soured me on the idea. For me several minutes of daily maintenance and prep, plus having to keep half an eye on it to keep it from getting stuck or stalled, does not trump one once a week 25-30 minute vacuuming session. With a far more powerful vacume.

If it was a genius that never got stuck or jammed, was as powerful as a Dyson Animal and could magically teleport all the dirt and debris into another dimension, I’d be all over it :).

I used to own a Roomba and t’was good, it lasted for years, now we have to get another. I have a pet too, a chow. He sheds a lot. I can’t say roomba can keep up 100% but you can definitely notice the difference when roomba cleans and when it doesn’t. One thing I don’t like much about it though is that we have to constantly free the floors up before it runs or it ends up eating wires and all.

My Roomba is three rats glued to a Frisbee

I had 2, they were interesting. The first was an original, the second was a generation or 2 newer.

As others have said they are good for light cleaning. You have to Roomba-proof your house, because lots of things like cords, carpet fringe, and other small/thin objects will get tangled in a Roomba.

Eventually I got tired of cleaning the brushes and filters and such, so never bothered replacing the batteries when they would no longer charge. I just use the central vacuum in my new-to-me house.

I love our Roombas. I have had four, of the same model range - the 500 series. Two are still working, one at the office, one at home. The others are used for parts, and the parts are mostly modular and easy to replace with a screw driver.

Although we do sometimes use our vacuum, I think a Roomba used everyday will keep a house clean. We have put our Roombas through hundreds of cycles. I would get another Roomba, but the first place I would look is Kijiji for lightly used or reconditioned. If I can pay $200 instead of $500, I already have the first repair paid for.

They do bump into things, and may show rub marks on some furniture or fixtures, like white doors. I can believe the new mapping vacuums are better, but I am not up for paying the price.

I do hope you have video. That would be a winner.

I love my roomba, it is 6 years old going strong. Run it close to every day, the white cat is a shed monster. I do have to check for earrings and other “good” things in the bin as the orange cat loves gravity.

I will move things from day to day so it gets behind or around things.

I need to get one. I used to blame all the black hair on my Newfie. Now that he has passed on, it’s become apparent that the real culprit is the Swissie. Who knew? His fur looks so sedate and well mannered. It’s all over the house already. :frowning:

I’ve got a Roomba 960. Between me and a long hair chihuahua, I’m impressed at how well the thing is designed to withstand hair getting wrapped up in the wheels and rollers. My old Hoover was forever getting snarled up.

They have a new model called the i7 that has a mini vacuum cleaner built into the dock. When its bin is full, it docks and the vacuum empties the bin. Supposedly there’s an upgrade option that I need to investigate.

yeah! I’ve seen the commercials for the bin empty thing. looks interesting. I have to empty the bin into a box or baggie to check, then throw out.

dead cat’s cautionary tale (tail?) was one reason I would be very careful when setting off the Roomba. if you have a pet that is a regurgitator, or accident prone, you may want to run it under supervision.

I also have a scooba that I think it the best thing ever.

from what i understand, the i7 is the newest roomba vacuum, dock and blockers only, when you upgrade, that’s when you get the self-emptying bin, then you can call it i7+ . Not an expert, but it really is interesting. a $1000 for a vacuum. I found this, might be helpful.

I said I love Roombas, but I would be very skeptical of a self-emptying bin. When I clean my Roomba regularly, I bang the hell out of the dustbin to get dust out of the filter, pull the furball that has accumulated on the side spinning brush, clean the hair that accumulates on the side and in the groves of the brushes, and clean the front roller that collects lint. Takes 2 to 5 minutes and I don’t mind it at all compared to vacuuming. The dirt is the little treasure it collected.

Not sure the self-cleaning cycle would take care of all that, and you still have a small looking vacuum bag to remove and presumably clean around.

Also, I can buy an army of Roombas for $1000

My Roomba is down in my basement collecting dust. It was a nice novelty for a couple months, but it is just is no substitute for a real vacuum cleaner. At least not on a berber carpet.

My wife bought a Eufy a couple of weeks ago (sorry, I don’t know what model). It has been pretty entertaining. We run it daily downstairs, and after a couple of days of VERY full bins, it seems to have gotten the long-haired-cat tumbleweeds under control. I think it has only needed to be rescued three times since we started using it. It’s pretty quiet, and it runs for a little more than 90 minutes before limping back home to the charging unit. We just have to remember to empty it every day; it runs on a schedule without needing a manual start.

We’ve been impressed with how it transitions from carpet to hardwood to tile to rubber mat to door mat without much, if any, difficulty. We’ve learned to close the downstairs bathroom door after it managed to get in there and actually closed the door so it couldn’t get back out. But the bathroom floor was super clean that day. :smiley:

I know my wife had researched Roomba and Neato, but was able to get Eufy for significantly less money (I don’t know exactly how much she paid). It’s definitely serving its purpose for us so far.

I have a 700 series roomba. I also have a dog. The roomba usually lasts 20 minutes or so until it is full of dog hair. When I use it on the floor the dog doesn’t hang out on it works fine.
But be wary of shoes, one shoelace sucked in will take you a good 30 minutes to undo. The motor seems to wind that thing very tight before it gives up.

This thread has guaranteed I will never own a Roomba.