Tell Me About ZIJA: Scam?

Unwanted side effects may include zombification.

You know what they call ‘alternative medicine’ that works? Medicine.

WoW! This is killing me! I am ready to jump into this as a business and as a personal help… NOT CURE… to some of my medical issues! If it helps me and I choose to become a distributor… And the people that purchase it through me believe it helps them and we all start to make a little money and we all fell good… What’s the problem!?? None of the people that have approached me have stated anything other than what is on the Websites! They are not doctors and none claim to be! CONFUSED NOW!!

What’s the problem? Spending tons of money to buy stuff that’s not demonstrated scientifically to have any real effect and tastes like crap? What more of a downside do you need?

Tons of Money??? $90 Bucks a month… thats my investment! Where I come from and on my income… I piss way $90 bucks in a night out! I have tasted alot of medicines that my mom said were good for me and every one of them tasted like crap!

Plus… thr things that are offered as proven on the websites are proven! Things like, the absorbtion of the drink versus ordinary multi vitamins! The amount of nutrients contained in the drink! Now as stated in other people’s posts… results will vary! Maybe it wont help some folks! Then they dont buy anymore and they are done with the product! But let’s just suppose for a moment… it does help!? It’s a reletively new company (in the big scheme of life)! I have spoken to indipendent doctors about Zija… They look into the product and cannot dispute the facts! If the nutrients are there… then it cannot be wrong! This many nutrients will HELP the body! What is wrong with that!?

Wow!!! Overuse! Of! Exclamation Marks???

LOL! Sorry! I am addicted to"…" and “!” Everything I say… I say with feeling and conviction! Thus, the “!” is justified and the “…” is just my brand of sentence separation! LOL!

Proven how? By whom? Where are the results published? What studies have been done? Were they peer-reviewed? Who funded them? What was the methodology?

Saying “it’s proven” is just words unless there’s data to back it up.

The “proof” offered for Zija is, as mentioned above, scientifically worthless. If it’s nutrients you’re after, eat a balanced diet. Everything else claimed for Zija is either untestable, vague, or flat-out wrong. For example, what exactly do they measure to regarding: “The absorbtion of the drink versus ordinary multi vitamins!”(sic)?

If you make your acquaintance with your local farmer’s markets or at least spend more time in your grocer’s produce aisle, you’ll get everything you seek from Zija, in a form that is provably highly bioavailable, and save yourself the 90 bucks. Actually, you might see you food budget go down even more than that.

Yup. Plain old food is absorbed a lot better than multivitamin pills, not to mention almost certainly better than some nasty-tasting tree seed supplement.

Man, You guys are killin me! The only thing that I find is that Zija Representitives are telling people, is that food these days compared to, like back in ther 60, is that that through all of the packageing and processing, food has lost some of thier nutrients (which is proven) and that in todays husltle abd bustle people dont have time to eat right and this stuff helps fill that void! Your right a balanced diet does help but does not give you everything you need! And as for saving money… I eat a fair amount of fruit… ie: Apples, Oranges, Pears, Bananas, Grapes… Have you bought them lately? The prices are NUTZ! I am not saying anything about any MIRACLE CURES… but, I believe that for the ON THE GO type lives that we lead… the nutrients and vitamins that this product provide… you cant go wrong! Just my Opinion! Sorry guys! Just where is the proof we landed on the moon in the 60’s!? Do you guys believe that Elvis is on an Island somewhere too!? (lol):wink:

I don’t understand. Fruit “prices are NUTZ” but you “piss way $90 bucks in a night out”, so you have no problem spending the ninety dollars on this crap each month?

It wasn’t my point to be made! Some one else said something about the cost of Zija… I stated that I piss Away 90 bucks in a night… But then they talk about eating fruit… I was mearly making a statement about someone complaing about the cost and then someone else suggesting I eat FRUIT! I probably spend $30 a week or more just in Fruit! That shizz is expensive! So let’s get my budget straight… that’s $90 on Zija… $120 on Fruit… and if I go out, say… 3 nights a month thast $270… for a total of… {cash register sounds} {Cha Ching} $480!

No kidding. You can get a bag full of apples for $3, versus some crappy-tasting supplement that hasn’t even been formally tested in a rigorous, scientific fashion.

Edit: I’ll give you a budget tip - cut the Zija. That’s way more expensive than anything actually proven to be good for you like nutritious fruits and vegetables. You could buy all-organic and still save money.

The obvious unasked question!!! How much!? Should I spend!!! On SPAM???

CMC fnord!

No kiddin… a bag of apple has squat in it nutrient wise… compared to Zija! You get what you pay for! and a bag of apples has what… 5 apples?? You guys are all hung up on this rigorous scientific testing aren’t ya! Have you seen the test on McDonal’s Food and all the other Shizzz out there! And America eats that like crazy! I don’t see your names on any website bashing them or the people that spend $100’s of dollars a month on that garbage… but, you will come on here and kill a product that is trying to do something healthy… whether it does it or not…(Which I am convinced it is) it gets people thinking healthy and out of McDonalds!

Actually. five years ago someone came here and asked our opinions. We gave them. Our opinions have not changed as to the effectiveness or cost/benefit ratio of the product, and they are staying here on the Straight Dope board. it is not as if we are bothering to counter-evangelize the product anywhere else on the interwebs.

Our opinions are not going to change because one of the company’s sales force found the thread through Googling.

You obviously haven’t searched here on that topic, then.

I don’t see your “name” on websites promoting non-violence and ending world hunger, either. What does that prove?

The point is that “trying” doesn’t mean shit, even if the makers of Zija were “trying” to do anything except make lots of money on an expensive and disgusting tree-bark potion, which I do not believe. If I’m “trying” to help people, I will not sell them an expensive elixir based on wild, unsubstantiated claims. Whether or not the product has mild health benefits compared to something completely non-comparable like a known unhealthy diet consisting of high-fat, high-carb fast food is really immaterial to the discussion. The relevant questions are:

  • Does the product have the health benefits that its producers claim? (No)
  • Is there any scientific evidence that this potion has any benefit over a normal diet including fruits and vegetables? (Nope)
  • Given the lack of actual evidence for health benefits, is there any reason why people should be paying exorbitant amounts of money for bad-tasting juice? (Not so much)