Tell us about something you've done once - and only once - and will never do again.

Group sex. It was boring and unrewarding (even more unrewarding than you might think). As for trying it again, I think I’m past my “best by” date, so I’m unlikely to get the opportunity.

Smoking, but that doesn’t qualify because I tried it a second time, thinking I hadn’t done it right. It was worse the second time.

I did the river raft trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. I did the option where you stop after 2-1/2 days, camp overnight at Ghost Ranch, and hike up the easy trail to the top the next day. I would do that again, but I’d have to lose 70 or 80 pounds to make it possible. What I wouldn’t do is the whole 7 days down to Lake Mead. They make you pee into the river – it was early in the season, and cold and windy. Once is enough for that part.

Oh I LOVE tubing! I sat in the tube, though – (it had a bottom), and other than a slight wedgie, it was freaking awesome.
As for me? Touch an electric fence. (I was 9)

Skydiving was great, I did a tandem so it was all about the experience. That said, I wouldn’t do it again, been there done that.

I think we’re done now.

Oysters, definitely. I was out of town on business, and my local contact and I went out to dinner. He insisted on ordering oysters, and that I try one. I wasn’t keen on the idea, but he was insistent. So I did. Good business relations, and all that.

Awful, slimy, blech. I did not have to run for the bathroom, but I did drink half a glass of beer trying to wash the damn thing that my body clearly did not want in it, down.

Okay, I’ve eaten an oyster. Now, I will never have to eat another.

Another vote for the Grand Canyon.
Specifically–Hiking the trail down to the bottom and up again in one day.

Now, I love hiking wilderness trails in the National Parks.
But this was the STUPIDEST thing I’ve ever done in nature.
Why?–well, not just because I ended up with very painful muscles. That’s worth it sometimes; When you reach a mountain peak, you feel glorious.

But this was stupid because I should have known before I started that it ain’t gonna be worth it.
The view doesn’t get any more impressive as you hike down.

Go to an ER that is part of a hospital network that is owned by a conservative Christian organization. I had the worst human apathy experience of my life in such an ER just 6 months ago.

Being a wheelchair user for almost 20 years and being very active during these years, my shoulders have taken a beating. I suffered partial tears right away, from the very first year on. Due to my staunch refusal to ever go under the knife unless it was the absolute end-of-the-road last resort as well as practical challenges that made such an option nearly impossible, my doctor(s) and I thought the best option was to treat the chronic pain instead (and rotator cuff surgery is a gamble for ABLE-BODIED people, people who don’t depend on their shoulders for ambulation).
A year into my injury, (i was hurt in 2000), i began my regimen of Tramadol for my shoulder pain.

Fast forward 17 years or so and i find myself at this ER, experiencing Tramadol withdrawal for the very first time in that entire 17 year period that i had been treated with the medication. I knew thru reading and research that Tramadol withdrawal was a beast unlike most all other opiods/dependence-inducing medications… This isnt due to it’s strength as a painkiller, it’s actually one of the mildest prescription analgesics there is. It’s due to the length of time the withdrawals last, as well as the compicating fact of SSRI withdrawal also being present in tramadol (it has a very mild serotonin reuptake inhibition effect as well as the analgesic effects of the opiod). Anyone who has stopped an SSRI suddenly knows what SSRI withdrawal is like. While its not comparable to opiate/opiod withdrawal, it certainly isnt fun. And when you have both types of withdrawals occuring simultaneously, well that a brand new monster.

This withdrawal i was going thru was something that was brought on by issues that i had nothing to do with and had no knowledge of until i was in the position of trying to get my refills and being informed that my doctor, the one i had had for over a decade, was no longer working there. That was it, no explanation, no interim doctor to handle patients and their medications, some of which were life-sustaining for the patients, no nothing. We were just hung out to dry and left to fend for ourselves.

Well i worked as hard as i could to find a replacement doctor, a GOOD one, before i completely ran out of my medication (at the time of this bombshell revelation i had about 10 days worth of tramadol left). Well, i actually did find a good doctor, one who was significantly closer than my previous doctor too. However, the soonest i coul get in to see her was 5 weeks away. So i was looking at a month+ of withdrawals before i could fix it. I had run out of ideas.

While i intellectually knew what to expect with the withdrawals, i was wholly unprepared for the reality of living with it. I began to get sick about 48 hours after my last dose. And it steadily got worse and after about 4 or 5 days (i had been telliing myself i was just going to tough it out. Ha.) of the worst headaches, diarrhea, cold sweats-definitely the worst part-restless limbs and a profound inability to eat or sleep, i was delirious and knew i couldnt do it by myself and had to get help somehow. So, i collected all the info i could that showed the legitimacy, dosage, dates and doctor who prescribed the drug for me, i went to the ER that was part of the same network that my gym was connected to (same general location). And i thought my opinion of my fellow man couldnt sink any lower…

Well, to make a long story a tiny bit not as long, ill just say that it made NO difference that i brought in all those records detailing my medical history with Tramadol. It made no difference that i could barely wheel thru the door by myself due to my weak, twitching body, it made no diffrence tjat made sure to not request or ask for ANY painkiller or drug, period. Since i was there because i was win withdrawal from an opiod medication, i was kudged to be a drug seeker and i was refused treatment. They told me i had asked for narcotics when all i actually said to them was i informed them of the situation and deffered to their expertise and asked for help any way they determined was best. I said this thru tears.

Well, amazingly the doctor, the DOCTOR, who was on my “doc” that evening, actually said the fpllowing with a straight face, keep in mind why i was there: “So have you tried Tylenol?” That question literally took my breath away. Tylenol. The DOCTOR was recommeding TYLENOL for my severe opiod withdrawal. Holy motherfucking shit. What passive aggressive hostility! This was the medical expert! She knew damn well i wasnt “in pain” and she knew damn well Tylenol wouldnt do one damn thing for me. It was at that moment i knew i was not welcome there. Everywhere i turned i saw people who judged me without knowing anything other than i took pain medicine. The fact that i needed it and my doctor agreed was irrelevant.

So decided i had to leave. I’d find no help here. So i went to the check-out desk that was staffed by a male nurse and as i was giving him the info began to talk tto me in the most hurtful, prejudical, hateful way of anyone that whole night. Again i was labeled a drug seeker. He also took my prescription history and dishonestly only pointed to part of the prescription (i am prescribed extended release version of tramadol to last throughout the day with regular version prescribed for as needed for breakout pain in between extended release doses. and said "well see, you shouldnt be out yet. You didnt think we’d know this did you? And laughed a nasty laugh.

I was crying at that pount and i looked at him in the eyes and asked him if he really believed that i was there to scam painkillers. He just nodded with a tiny smirk on his face. “Well i have to go then. I need to go.” And in the most ironic moment of the entire night, this NURSE, this healer, this medical professional who should be among the most caring, empathetic and understanding people of all, didnt jump up and rush to get the door for me (unlike 90,% of the rest of the world). No, what this guy did was sit back and point. “Well you see where the door is.” Yes, yes i did. And i left. And i will never return to that ER for any reason again for as long as i live.

I found out about the Christian control of the hospital soon after this nightmare. They evidently have a policy, a policy that they dont communicate in any sort of proactive way to patients or porential patients, of simply not treating chronic pain or any complication resulting from treatment for it from opuod medication. This is outrageous to me. Such conflicts of interest should not be allowed to exist legally. Religious morality should have NO PLACE in an emergency room, hospital, urgent care clinic or doctors office. You’re fucking with peoples lives here, you smug prejudical, hateful motherfuckers. Burn in hell.

Ambivalid, that was a disturbing tale and I’m sorry to hear about it, and I mean no disrespect with the following frivolity.

You’re doing it wrong. I hiked down, then rode a helicopter back to the rim. I figured I’d already seen everything on the way down, so no reason to look at it again on the return trip. :slight_smile:

My “never again” activity is going on a cruise ship. I’ve never had a worse vacation, nor such a feeling of wasted money. 10 days crowded into a floating tenement with thousands, being told when and where to eat, and even attending a class on tipping (it was disguised as an intro to the ship). One entire rear deck was undergoing maintenance and off limits, the waiters were borderline hostile and when I asked for the advertised room service meal, the only offering was a deviled ham sandwich. This was interspersed with being periodically deposited on various Caribbean islands to act as walking wallets for the locals to harass. Never. Ever. Ever again.

drinking alcohol. I am allergic

Run the Boston Marathon. Great experience but you have to train through the winter. And that’s ski season.

I also did tubing and had the same exact experience as this (minus the later infection). It could only be more similar if yours was also on Chautauqua Lake. I’m not going to be tubing again.

Designed and constructed my own home. I had a lot of fun, thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and everything turned out well. But I’ll never do it again and would advise anyone contemplating it to think long and hard.

That wouldn’t even qualify as 1 round of drinks here.:smiley:

*Go to a commercial zip line place

*Go to India

*Eat some raw carrots, peas, and radishes from the farmers market without double washing them. I got so sick I felt like I was going to die (and was afraid I wouldn’t!).

In what kind of hospital are you going to be making candy?

I did it in two days and barely made it. Went south-to-north, which is more difficult. I tip my cap to you for doing it in one.

But I thought the experience in the deeper part of the Canyon was quite interesting. There were different rock layers, and twists and turns in the trail. About a thousand feet above the river the rock seemed to get darker, and the path steeper; a gorge within a gorge. And going north from the river on the second day, the first several miles are a gradual climb in a narrow side canyon; the walls so close that it doesn’t feel like the Grand Canyon at all.

It was a fascinating place to visit, but so physically draining it was worth doing once.

This is a really interesting thread topic! Unfortunately, I usually do stupid things over and over.

I did think of one: Dying my hair black. I had always wanted to do it, I liked it while I had it, but the only way to get rid of it was to grow it out and cut it off. I got married halfway through the process and my hair looked fairly terrible by then, with long brown roots, but there was no way I was going to color it again and have to start over.

I ate at Massey’s Pizza.

Never again.

A threesome. Sex with one partner is great. If I work hard I can keep up. But two women?

Or, as the joke goes: A threesome? Nah not for me. If I wanted to horribly disappoint two other people I’d go out to dinner with my parents.

The best: I was at the 1973 Belmont Stakes and saw Secretariat win it. I will never go to another horse race, as nothing could that one.

The worst: I will never eat a 2 pound box of chocolates washed down with a liter of red wine at one sitting, even if I am alone and depressed on my birthday.

Getting drunk. I’ll occasionally drink enough to get a bit top-heavy (not a great thing when you are 6’5"!), but only got completely shit-faced once in grad school. There wasn’t anything there that I want to go back and experience again.