Tens of Thousands March in Baghdad

I just watched a Tivo’ed ABC World News Tonight from last night, this morning. Guess what? THEY REPORTED THE STORY.

And dude, there is no way that screenshot from Fox could be anywhere near 10,000 people. No chance even 5,000. Compare that photo to this one.

That obscure rag the New York Times has it today, although it’s buried inside another story.

No. Right here in the US. After all, isn’t it you liberals who are always complaining about the 3 million jobs lost due to Bush’s evil pro-corporate facist policies?

Surely, there are enough thousands upon thousands of men unemployed and just standing around that you could draw a crowd of a couple thousand by banging a drum and playing a kazoo.

Oh, and speaking of content. Have you taken a look at your own posts lately? (Including this thread) Pot, kettle, and all that.

When you spend too much time looking at beautiful women, you become desensitized, and may fail to notice the pretty girl standing right in front of you!

I took a look at Sam’s screen shots and got a sense of déjà vu - anyone else recognize those columns in the third picture down? It’s the same plaza where “thousands” of jubilant Iraqis cheered the toppling of a statue of Saddam Hussein. Of course, a webcam from a nearby hotel showed it to be a real tiny crowd.

Now I’m not saying this event was just as staged as the statue-toppling, but it does look like those cameras only went where the crowd was thickest…

Not this one. I don’t really understand economics, and am inclined to be dubious of any argument made with economics as a foundation. Keynesian stuff does seem to be fairly well documented, but I’m not carving it in stone. Personally, I doubt that any President has the power to tweak the economy. He can wreck it, but can’t really tinker with the carborater. I have oodles and gobs of other reasons to want this pack of jackals out of power, the unemployment rate is pretty far down the list.

Nonetheless, I think that being stingy with the unemployed while playing the Goddess of Abundance for the wealthy kinda stinks.

Yes, Europe is lovely this time of year.

For sure it ain’t much of a crowd!


No, not in such words, but the implication he is making is as bright as day, and its a bit of a joke to argue otherwise. What other questions are there in the OP that don’t ask, almost rhetorically, why the story isn’t being covered?

Or does he really want us to debate the question of whether democracy, or having people be for it, is a good thing or not? who was he expecting to take the con-side then?

The SJ Merc had a full article about this demostration today. It wasn’t on the front page, but it was a sizable article (about 15 paragraphs) with a photo and the headline was: “Thousands of Iraqis Rally Against Violence”.

I wonder how much the motivation was against violence, and how much was in supprot of the US.

Well that photo of the protester carrying an Ayatollah Kohmeni placard didn’t look too pro-US. Juan Cole has a bit more on the nature of the protests.

Marching against violence does not equal support of the US (that would actually be logically contradictory).

So we have a hyperbolic OP with overstated claims, an erroneous premise and specious conclusions. Reminds me of another guy who used to post a lot in GD. Named after this very month, in fact.

I’ve been wondering what the different signs said.

Geeez. To the Pit with this shit. The issues, man, the issues.

Simon, this is kind of an issue free environment. It seems perfectly clear to me that friend Sam is eager to have us accept, as he apparently has, that the demonstration in question was a ringing endorsement of America and its policy in Iraq. He went on to imply that something was amiss if this vast outpouring of Iraqi opinion was overlooked.

If you check the links, there are any number of signs translated, and they have rather politically innocuous slogans, as best I can tell. If there were giant posters of GeeDubya, garlanded by boquets carried by hundreds of Iraqi’s chanting “Boy, do we love America! Lots!”, they escaped the photographer’s notice.

If there had been, I suspect it would have been brought to our attention.

WHAT issues? Sam thought the so-called liberal media buried a story about a pro-US rally in Iraq, and he turned out to be dead wrong. Case closed; there ain’t no “issues”. Game over.

My point, Simon was that since the premise of the OP was flawed in multiple ways, that the terms of the debate were loaded in favor of a foregone conclusion. The “issues” do not really exist as such in the way that Sam phrased the argument.

Mullahs and Ayatollahs were persecuted in Baath Iraq. I asked one ex-Iraqi in 1988 how many ayatollahs are there in Iraq and he said, “None, Saddam killed them all.” Thus people freely walking around with pictures of religious leaders is a sign of progress in Iraq.