Test thread

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Time for another test, class. Please show me you can do better.

After the last test fail, I have decided to make this one easier. It’s a simple True-False test.

Use your notes. This is open book. Everyone comes here and reads and posts, but how many are paying attention really? Let"s find out.


**True or false.

  1. Arming teachers can probably help create a proper educational environment where students can both learn and grow.

  2. Lutes and rain sticks have no strings but lyres and harps do.

  3. Oil of a certain non-edible type is commonly found on rolls sold at Whole Foods Market.

  4. Ruth (from the Bible) is considered quite sincere by devout theology students.

  5. Air outside of the White House (according to a famous DC television weatherman) is mostly free from clouds.

  6. Issues for those with severe flu may be many, Swiss medical researchers say.

  7. Wine that’s white might be properly described by a blindfolded sommelier as “stringy.”

  8. Lights moving across the sky should not alarm seasoned UFO hunters, because they know they are just seeing airplanes.

  9. Ears are scary.

  10. Ears are sad.

  11. It’s a small silver Honda that I drive.

  12. All French people look down on the average American person.

  13. Our leaders in the United States welcome foreigners with money who want to visit our local historic sites.

  14. Elon University students in North Carolina could not vote in the last U.S. presidential elections.

  15. An intense disagreement might lead to brawling at the ballpark in Philadelphia.**

So which of the above are true, and which false? Please just give your guess without cite or explanation. Let your classmates do the work!


Here’s something that is true:

No passing grade for you! :mad:


As society crumbles, the despairing trainer may lament the widespread disregard for our educational system, but the brave teacher still soldiers on.

National Teachers’ Day was yesterday. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well at least it beats peeing in a cup.

Another test this group might not pass.

I’ll have you know I can hit the cup 7/10 times.

Don’t get so testy!

From across the room! :smiley:

**False **

Class failed. Class dismissed.:frowning:

Well I am quite disappointed that after a week no one has been able to pass this simple 15 question SDMB True/False test. Did no one have to pass such tests in school? :confused:

Several more are false than true.

1, 2, 3 false
4 true
5 false
6, 7 true
8, 9 false
10 true
11 false
12, 13 true
14, 15 false

Testing my profile picture.

Invisible Man-Cool!

OK, I made it my avatar. Now it’s visible.